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PS3 Using a controller

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Clyne, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    is it just me or is it totally impossible to drive with Traction Control OFF and use the PS3 controller.. i spin when exiting many corners.. or I have to gingerly put the power on and then I'm slow.

    1 min 25.660 is all I could manage at Catalunya
  2. its not just you Mate i have been reading it alot this last 2 weeks on the playstation forums i think it is really bad of codes to do this its like they made the game more for wheels i mean i only play racing on a wheel but lot of people dont hoping they will fix this in the patch
  3. yeah even with xbox controller its really hard to control the throttle on corner exits a real pain
  4. Thanks. It's good to know that it's not because I'm completely crap at the game. A lot of room for improvement from me I am sure, but it really seems as though a wheel (which I will get soon - probably the G27) is a gigantic advantage. Is it all because of throttle control though??
  5. yeah but even still its hard to get feedback off the car to find the right amount of grip it lets you away with very in that area you dont really know if the back end is going until your in the gravel trap something codies are going to have to fix
  6. the difference with the controller is, its all or nothing.

    The best test is when you are on the start line try to hold 3 quarter throttle with a controller, nearly impossible.
    Easy with my wheel and pedals..... Drive Force GT

    This makes the same problem with traction control off, as you cant feather the throttle, or gradually put it on.
  7. i can hold the throttle at 3/4 ha barely like trying to wrestle an alligator ha it is tough i want to get myself a steering wheel and then the fun will begin lol