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(PS3 TT bug?) Car is suddenly much faster! (but unfortunately only temporary...)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joakim Quensel, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Strange thing happened to me in TT-mode a couple of times.
    Today at Monza, I was racing in TT-mode, trying to improve my lap record.
    I go in to the garage and make some adjustments. When I go out on the track again, my car is suddenly much quicker on the straights, like it had +100hp or something. And it can not be explained by the adjustment (changed the spring settings a notch or something, don´t remember exactly). I notice allready right after the finish line that my car pulls away from my ghost car (=PB).

    I run a few laps, including a new lap record, and go back into the pits to change the gearing. Need to put up 7th a notch because I now have so much higher top speed. When I go back on the track, the car is "slow" again, like it was before. I can see the ghost car pull away allready a couple of seconds after the finsih line, even though I have a prerfect exit out of parabolica. I go and change back to the exakt same setup as before, but the car is still slow. Impossible to match the previous laptimes, the PB ghost car just pulls away on the straights and I am more than one second slower per lap. I doulbe check tyres (optional), front wing aero (-) and enging mapping (fast) and they are all correct.

    Same thing happened to me at Budapest. I was racing in TT-mode, and all of the sudden the car was really fast compared to before. I went into the garage to make some adjustments, and back on the track, the car is considerably slower on the straights again. When the car was fast, I drove exactly on par with the top ranked Ghost Car up until the second turn (the fast blind one) but after I came back out of the pits, its like the car lost power, impossible to keep up with top ranked Ghost Car as well as my previous PB.

    Anyone else experience this? As I mentioned, I play PS3. Really anoying!
  2. I started to think of another thing that is maybe relatied to the same bug (or whatever it is).
    Sometimes I load the top ranked Leaderboard as my Ghost Car. I am not that good of a driver so usually he is way ahead after only a couple of turns. But sometimes, when the finsih line is at the beging of a long straight, I find it strange that the Ghost car has so much higher speed and better acceleration than me, even though I drive a low downforce setup. We have the same speed out of the corner, but he still pulls away on the straight.

    On some tracks, I am exactly on par with the top ranked Ghost Car on the first stratigh, and maybe even after a turn or two, both having the same accelleration and top speed. But on some tracks, the Ghost Car just pulls away straight from the start in a strange way that can not be explained by neither setup or driving skills. Feels exactly the same as the "bug" I described in my initial post.

    My theory is that on the tracks when the top ranked Ghost car pulls away in a strange way, that lap was done whith a car that has the same kind of "super Power" that I experience that my car occationally gets from time to time in TT-mode. Or maybe its the other way around, is there some kind of setting that I do by mistake that can make my car loose power?
  3. check if you set your engine to 'fast' or 'standard' (or 'cruise')...that would explain the sudden drop/gain in performance you're describing
  4. I have the engine on "fast" in the setup, and I also double check on the track.
    But I still think that you could be right, and the game does not really set the engine to "fast". The reason I suspect this is that sometimes when I save a setting which I know was done with engine = fast, when I later load the setting engine mapping shows "standard".
    Anonther thing I discovered today at Monza was when I restarted a lap, and the computer was driving my car during the "count down", the shifiting points were different when the car was in "super power mode". This also makes it it likely that it´s got something to do with the engine mapping.

    Is there any way that I can really be sure that the engine mapping = "fast" when I´m out driving. Appart from going into the menu that is, since I suspect it could show the wrong setting. Is maximum rpm lower for engine = "standard"?
  5. ALWAYS set engine to fast while out on track and not in the garage (keep it on standard in garage), this will give you that boost you are talking about.
  6. Did some more testing at Monza in TT-mode.
    This is really screwed up!
    I loaded a setup with engine = fast.
    Out on the track, and the car was slow.
    I checked the setting and engine="standard". .
    I changed on the track to engine = "fast" but car was still slow.

    Went back in the garage and made a new setup where enigne = "standard".
    Went out on the track and the car was quick again!
    I checked settings and engine was set to "fast"!

    I went back in the garage and checked the settings again and it shows engine="standard" (even tough it shows "fast" when out on the track).

    Need to to more testing, but is seems like:
    If I set engine = "fast" in the garage, it will give me engine = "standard" out on the track (and it does not matter if I change setting to "fast" on the track, car is still slow).
    If I set engine = "standard" in the garage, it will give med engine = "fast" on the track and the car is really quick.

    This is for Monza, PS3. Will check other tracks later.

    Quite an important issue i I think (OK, maybe not compared to what´s happening in Libya right now, but anyways...) since it effects the laptime 1-2 seconds.
  7. Is this some kind of known bug?
  8. OK, now I googled a bit, and this is apparently some kind of known bug.
    But I still can´t find the info exactly how I should do to be 100% sure to really get the engine mapping correct.
    Because from what it seems like to me, I can not trust what I se in the menu when I chage engine mapping out on the track.

    Should I set it to standard in the garage, and switch to fast out on the track? Does it allways work OK this way?
    And what happens if I go in the pit and do some further changes? How do I make sure my engine mapping does not reset to standard?
  9. As mentioned by Chris, regardless of track, leave your engine map as standard in the garage, then change it to fast on the track - simples!
  10. Yeh, i make a point of doing it in every race now, its quite handy as theres still loads of ppl online that probably dont know this. Its almost like having KERS :) It is a known bug and sounds like it is on all formats of the game.
  11. OK, a tip for F1 2011.
    Replace the stupid enigne mapping feature by a simple question:
    Do you want your car really slow and non competetive?
    (YES / NO / Don't ask this question again)
  12. If there wasnt a good reason for having different maps available i would agree with that, but a wet race round monaco with no TC, and running out of fuel at Valencia tell me standard and cruise are very useful maps to have!