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Ps3 Patch

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Ljubisa_frizer, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. New / Updated Features
    • On PS3 only we’ve enabled the full rotation for 900 and 1080 degree steering wheels. This will require the player to set their wheel up using the options available, specifically we suggest setting the Wheel Saturation to around 65 – 70% as a good starting poin
    I personaly don't like what they done with full rotation for 900 and 1080 steering wheels, because if we set saturation of 65-75%, and we use steering deadzone 1% to reduce twitchiness on the straight (than with 65-75% sat it's not 1% than it's aprox.3% with old seetings, which is to much). And only deference is that now we dont have soft stop that we use to have ( my opinion is that, that was helpful thing).
  2. You're not the only one,
    I've changed to saturation of 73% but my 1% deadzone is massive.

    They've 'fixed' something that wasn't broken which now is.

    Wonder of they fixed the rain bug?
  3. I found this on Codemasters forum in response why they change too full rotation. I Tryed and it's not too bad, i'm on G27 but my saturation is 65-67%, still exploring.
  4. Saturation at 62% works well for me, everything else at zero especially deadzone. The car is not as twitchy as before with 0% deadzone.
    If you must increase the linearity then 1-2% will help the twichiness, 10% is too much and makes the steering feel more dead to me.
    I don't miss the soft stop lock as I don't drive around using lock to lock steering, if you do then you will lose FFB and know you're doing something wrong when this happens.

    The feeling of using more of the steering lock is much more satisfying than only using 180 degrees of lock and less arcade like in my opinion.

    The problem is the FFB strength isn't as good as before and the environmental effect is too strong , I think it's because they're improved the offline grip levels and changed the steering.

    Overall though it's pretty pretty good.
  5. Any news on ps3-US patch? Still on version 1.01
  6. After a while me to came to that wheel settings on my own, steering saturation to 62, everything else at 0 and I am satisfied, I am waiting on Andy Pastore brake modification for my G27, and then i will probably change brake saturation.
    But I'm struggling with FFB settings, on some tracks i set it to 10-10-50 and on some 30-40-10 but I would like to set once for all and to be satisfied on any track I chose. Please give me some advise what settings are you use,and why, in short words, you don't need to explain to much. If it isn't to much for you. Thanx in advance
  7. HI, Yes I know what you mean.
    Environment effect 10-20% (I use 10)
    Overall 90-100% (90)
    Weight 0-10% (0)

    I'm using The DFGT and now the environment effects are too strong over the kerbs, I don't know what others wheels feel like. Before I used 50% and it was okay(post patch)
    Keeping the weight low gives me better feedback through the corners and I feel the grip/slip better.
    Try and see what you think, hope this helps.