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PS3 Co-op

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Veselko Lakobrija, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Hey PS3 drivers
    This post is more of an add
    For the time being i am on my sickleave from work so i got all the time to spend gaming.
    So, decided to look for some co-op help and get a season or 2 (or more :cool:) done there also. Any intrested drivers just drop a line here and we´ll prolly menage a few races.
    If it matters to anybody i live in Sweden so it´s CET timezone. For me this doesn´t matter that much.
  2. I'm in exactly same situation so got a fair bit of time on my hands so would be interested....
  3. Hey Bunford.
    Feel free to send me a friend invite on PSN, or if i send you one before.... whichever happens 1st. We could prolly start this tomorrow already, afternoon, 17:00 - ish. Gonna meet few buds for semi-late lunch tomorrow but after that im free.
  4. PS3 co op season

    hey, im looking at doing a co op season with some one, id say i race at a good level, have the AI diffuculty on legendary i run full TC and ABS brakes though

    if anyone is interested add my tag or message me (wallacda), i finish my first solo season 6th in championship. on same level settings.
  5. wallacda
    Have to be honest and say atm that AI setting is a bit to hard-core for me due to my plastered right hand. There are tracks i menage on hard setting and same track i can struggle with on intermediate next time i drive it, as it is right now. TC and ABS are at the same setting as yours till i learn the tracks properly, by heart, not just practice sessions before the race. Ohhh, and gears are auto, freaking plaster and f***ed up wrist.
    It´ll get better in 2-3 months. then it´s hard-core. ALL assists = off!!