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ProtoSimTech developing new pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by GTFREAK, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Before I continue with the official announcement, I'd like to introduce myself and give you a little background into who I am and why we are making this announcement.

    My name is Chris Smith. I go by the name "GTFREAK" on several different forums. My father (Richard Smith) and I started ProtoSimTech for one reason, and that is to deliver top notch Sim racing hardware to the serious Sim racer. I've been Sim racing since the year 2000. Since that time I've had many, many different Sim racing peripherals. Over the years I have seen what the market has to offer, and while there are some great products out there, none of them fit my personal racing style. We set out to make sure that what we come up with fits just about any racing style or position we could think of.

    We've been working on this project since June of 2012. In the begining, nothing more than a prototype was ever planned and these pedals were only for personal use. Over the course of development we realized that others may want to enjoy them as well. ProtoSimTech was born. My father and I have been working very hard over these past several months. We were going to make an announcement a couple of months ago, but we realized that we weren't ready just yet. These past couple of months have been extremely busy for us and we've managed to put together a website fairly recently filled with as much information as we could possibly give you. We hope you stop by for a visit and enjoy what you see. We also hope that you follow us over the course of the next phase of development.

    We want to point out that we are a very small operation. We don't have engineers and we don't have huge factories that are capable of mass producing our products. However, we want you to know that while ProtoSimTech may be small, we dream big, and we have some very big plans for the future!

    UPDATE!! We now have our estimated pricing structure (see below)

    Estimated pricing:

    Pedal Set: $599
    Pedal Set with Powder Coating: $699

    Again, these prices are just estimates and could change. However, we are working diligently to ensure that they remain as they are.

    Now, on to the announcement!


    ProtoSimtech is extremely proud to announce the ongoing development of our brand new Sim racing pedals!

    These pedals have been in development for some time, and we have made some fantastic progress over the past few months. We decided that it was time to let the public know what we are up to.

    These pedals are made from 14 gauge cold rolled steel. They are cut using a FloJet waterjet cutting system. This revolutionary cutting system allows for extraordinary accuracy. The pedals have been designed with absolute precision and utilize some of the most advanced hardware used in professional Sim racing equipment.

    We believe that our pedals offer more adjustability than most other (even more expensive) alternatives. Some of the features include 4 levels of tension for not only the throttle and clutch, but also the brake pedal. These adjustments are not difficult to make and offer the end user a much more personal experience. Along with the different levels of adjustment for the brake pedal, these adjustments also allow for shorter or longer brake pedal travel depending on your preference. Even the load cell has an adjustment for increased or decreased sensitivity. These are just some of the features included with these pedals.

    Please keep in mind that the images you see below are only renders. They are indicative of the final product, but the design may change over the course of development. These renders are very much a work-in-progress. However, we feel they are pretty close to what you will see in the final product.


    Detailed Features:

    - Precision cut using a FlowJet water cutting system
    - Made from 14 gauge cold rolled steel and then pressed into forming dies
    - All metal design (No plastic wearable parts)
    - 1 inch foot pad adjustment (up and down)
    - Able to adjust foot pad angle
    - 4 possible pedal travel lengths
    - 4 levels of tension for Throttle / Clutch / Brake pedals
    - Spring tension adjustment for Throttle and Clutch
    - Each pedal can be placed either right side up or upside down for ease of use
    - Pedal stand (coming soon) will allow adjustments for both side to side and front to back
    - PC Integration using Leo Bodnar's Load Cell Circuit board (which also allows for buttons to be added later)
    - Uses two Industrial Rotary Position sensors for Throttle and Clutch
    - Brake uses a 50KG Load cell
    - Wrench and Hex key will be included for easy adjustments
    - Options will include powder coating (limited colors available) and a pedal stand (coming soon)


    - iRacing
    - rFactor
    - rFactor2 (Beta)
    - GTR
    - GTR2
    - GTR EVO
    - Race 07
    - Project CARS (beta)
    - SimRaceWay
    - Assetto Corsa
    - Many Many more!

    - These pedals are PC compatible only. They will not work with the PS3 or Xbox360.

    ProtoSimTech is a brand new company created for the serious Sim racer. We understand that serious Sim racers need serious hardware. Serious Sim racers need hardware that fits their specific needs and personal tastes. That means hardware you can adjust to your specific driving style, whatever that may be.

    - Need your pedals mounted upside down?
    - Need your pedals to have different levels of tension on the throttle, Clutch and brake?
    - Want different amounts of travel for all three pedals?
    - Need to adjust the foot pad angle?

    No matter what your driving style or seating position may be, we've got you covered.

    Our goal is to build and deliver top quality hardware to serious Sim racing enthusiasts. These pedals are just the beginning. The future of ProtoSimTech holds many possibilities!

    We will have more information on these new pedals in the coming weeks. Until then, please visit www.protosimtech.com and follow the documentation page. This page shares with the public information about development from conception to the present day. The documentation page is in blog form, and includes images taken along the course of development.

    If you have any questions or comments about these new pedals, please email us at info@protosimtech.com. While these new pedals are still in development, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    NOTE: We would like to remind everyone that what you have seen is considered a work-in-progress. Nothing is final. The design could change, but all of the functionality we have incorporated into the pedals will remain.

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  2. Looks great! More pedals on the market the better for the consumer.

    P.S. if you want better renders let me know.
  3. Thank you!

    Just an FYI, there are much better quality images on our website. However, if the consensus is that you'd like to see a high res image here, I can certainly post one
  4. Knut Omdal Tveito

    Knut Omdal Tveito
    Premium Member

    Regarding the 50kg rating for the loadcell, is that maximum force on the pedal or on the loadcell? If it's for the loadcell, how much is the maximum pedal force?
  5. The maximum force on the load cell is 50KG's. However, the overall setup and location of the load cell will allow for more or less pressure to be applied. It's all in the setup:thumbsup:

    I'm sorry that I don't have any raw data to give you. However, once we start the prototyping process we should be able to release more information.
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  6. Ah, yes. I see what you mean now.

    Creating renders like this really shouldn't be necessary. Very shortly we will be moving on to the prototyping phase of development. Once we have a working prototype in our hands we will be taking as many pictures as possible.

    Also, I'd like to point out that if you check out our website we do mention that we will be taking video as well as pictures of the development process. We are going to be documenting as much as we possibly can. We hope you enjoy what you see! :)
  7. I would consider moving away from pots and use something without a physical connection. In serious applications these easily break and is a constant source of frustration/cost for us :(
  8. If you are using cheap 20 cent pots, maybe, whats wrong with proper quality ones?
  9. Thank you for your concerns regarding our electrical components. If you visit our site and check out the "Tech Specs" page located here: http://www.protosimtech.com/Tech_Specs.html you can see what kind of electrical components we will be using. To answer your question, no, we aren't using cheap potentiometers. We're using industrial rotary position sensors.

    Also, we're going to be releasing our company policies soon, which will have information about warranties and returns. Please check out the website and visit the policies page. Once we have these policies finalized they will be posted on that page.

  10. It's nothing to do with the pot, it's when the bar connecting the pedal to the pot moves in a direction it's not supposed to which can happen with a inappropriate stamp on the pedal (thinking you're pressing the brake for example), your foot slipping off, etc. Any sideways movement in that bar can cause the stem of the pot to sheer off/weaken . Why I mentioned it is because your design of that part looks very similar to the two sets of Frex pedals that I have and they both suffered the same fate on multiple occasions so thought it might be something you'd want to know :thumbsup:
  11. Yes, I can see how that might become an issue. The hardware we are going to be using will allow the rod that is connected to the pedal arm and the position sensor to move freely in all angles.That means less wear and tear on the components.
  12. We have updated the original post to include our estimated pricing structure.

    Please be aware that these prices could change over the course of development. However, we are working diligently to ensure that these prices remain as you see them today.

    We had originally estimated that these pedals would cost quite a bit more to be manufactured. However, we received some very good news from our water jetting company that made these prices possible. Big thanks to them!

    As always, if you have any questions or comments you can post them here or email us through our website.

    Thank you!