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Property priority

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by catrasca, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. What configuration overwrites to another?
    if an object is configurated as collisionable into xpacx .
    Into Objects Properties we change that setting but:
    What is the priority?
    Xpack or Objects Propeties into BTB?
  2. The property in XPack is only related to "default" property object when you plant it in your model. Of course you may want change this afterwards. The object property exported when you click in "Export" is the same one that appears in BTB project, not the property "default" in Xpack. Of course, both propertys will be the same in case of you don't perform any change on properties dialog after its insertion.
  3. Tnanks Satan another question for all the people
    The into BTB Object Properties Dialog confuses to me
    for the following reason:
    When I check any option of any object there is no button to confirm if the change was made

    And immediately if I choose another object that contains the options above, all these objects are marked with the option chosen for the first-

    IE: If I made a change in object1 to "driveable" checkbox and then select object2, the second apperas with the same option "driveable".

    Sholud I save any changue I made ,one for one? ​