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Proper shift behaviour

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Roberto Fratelli, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Hello Reiza Studios, thanks for such a great sim ! excellent work on this one, and you guys raised the bar for the upcoming games (like f3 sudam) !

    I wonder what is the correct way to change gears on these cars. Looking at this video:

    I noticed that the driver does a right foot braking, and only use the clutch while downshifting, not for upshifts. is this correct ?

    Also, should the driver use heel-and-toe, or does the car have some kind of "auto-blip" feature ?

    Thanks !
  2. Yes

    At your choice. In user.plr there are two lines:


    If you change to:


    you should drive as in the video.
  3. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    There should be no need to change the PLR file. If you want auto lift / blip, then use the 'auto clutch' in the difficulty menu. If you turn this off, then you have to blip and lift yourself.

    Some drivers right foot brake and heel & toe. Perhaps some simply blip a little bit during the downshift without pressing the clutch, there tends to be more than one way. Sometimes you see a clear clutch press on upshifts, sometimes it is not so obvious.
  4. Thank you very much, I did not known.

    So, does auto-clutch activate what you have in your plr. "=1"?

    If I want autolift, but no autoblip, Is this the right configuration?:

    auto-clutch = on

    By the way, is this something specifical for GSC, or it works the same way in all gmotor2 simulators?

    Thank you!
  5. Yes it should be like that ;)

    And it's also the same way for every SimBin games and others (rFactor and such)
  6. Thank you

    So, I guess there is no way for having autoclutch off and autolift on. Is that right?
  7. Unfortunately yes...
  8. Great, thanks everyone. And Niels, just watched a video from you driving and i see you definitely run with "auto clutch" off, nice driving ! i´ll try the same here
  9. Hi
    Sorry for bringing this topic back to the table, but I just wat to get a clear understanding.

    A) In my case, I have auto-clutch disabled, and I didn't make any change to the PLR so far. Thus that means my autoblip is currently not working, unless I set the auto-clutch on, Is that correct? Despite having auto-clutch disabled, I use it only for race starts (I don't press the clucth on downshifing / upshifting).

    B) If "A" is correct and supposing that I want to keep the auto-clutch disabled (because I prefer manual clutch for starts rather than auto) and autoblip "for myself", can I then just blip the throttle without pressing the clutch in order to get the heel & toe effect, or do I really need to have the clutch pressed?

    C) If possible, what do you guys recommend?

  10. A) Well, should be I guess

    B) You don't have to use the clutch, although on downshifts it can help to settle the car better and it's good for immersion :)

    C) What I do in Sequential shifting cars is basically:

    Auto-Clutch: OFF, I don't lift except in corners so it's basically constant "power-shifting" and I heel and toe using the clutch :)
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  11. Thanks very much! ;)