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proper Ferrari steering wheel for F1MG 2010

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by William Elgh, May 23, 2010.

  1. proper steering wheels F1MG 2010

    here is a steering wheel that i hawe chanced for the f1mg mod, extract the .MAS file in:


    and the wheel was not created by me it was just modded in to F1MG by me....
    Download the wheel here: NO LINK

    ahdakj.jpg dA.jpg ferrari wheel.jpg ferrariwheel2.jpg [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. here is the ling to ALL steering wheels for f1mg2010

    working rev lights/shift lights in allmost all car gear indecator dont work..

    but here is is all proper steering wheels of the 2010 seseon,

    part 1: NO LINK
    part2 : NO LINK
  3. Nice!!!

    Hey im just doing somethings to improve this mod, but im quite new at this so, is there a way to put 3d arms to this wheels?? and how do you move the position of the wheel graphic in the cockpit??, i think that maybe it are a little down comparing with the originals from mg 2010. Nice job again.
  4. it will be really mutch job to put arms on this wheels... check your pm:)
  5. Hey i hope this dont bother you. I took the wheels you upload, i put in right position, then i use de 3d arms and wheel indicators from mg 2010. and this is the result. i dont want to mess with someones work, i only put together for fun. what do you think? untitled.JPG

  6. looks really nice! do you hawe msn, so we can speak and maybe improve those weels together?
  7. vacavoladora@hotmail.com 111111.jpg

    I already have mercedes, mclaren, renault, ferrari, force india. i need to correct somethimgs because im using de same wheel indicator for every car so it looks better in some cars than in others, and in the force force.jpg india the reflection of the wheel texture makes it look weird but not to bad.


    The ferrari its maybe the one that looks more direrent but i dont know why but i cant modify in teh same way the wheel than in the other ones , maybe i can adjust the texture and erase some buttons. but i think it look on the average. ferrari.jpg
  8. i erase some buttons on the ferrari wheel i think it looks better, is not exactly as in real life but i thinks it pass. ferr2.jpg
  9. redbull.jpg these are the last to ive already made. i know that they have the same wheel but in the redbull i left the indicators, in real life they are atatched to the car no to the wheel but that would be more difficult to make. and in the toro rosso i removed the big lcd and the indicators so maybe this one look more like real.

  10. would it be possible to put the indicator on the car cus i hawe the right 2010 wheel and iam trying to put the indicator on the car but i cant get it to work :(
  11. here are gears, RPM, yellow, blue flag lights & arms and gloves

    feel free to add the gears, RPM, yellow, blue flag light added & arms and gloves to your wheels.

    you MUST make sure all of the .dds and .tga files included in this .zip file are in your working folder to have the gears, RPM, yellow, blue flag lights work properly

    if you want to customize the arms / gloves, do so via the arms.dds and gloves.dds files.

    you'll need to change the material name from MCL_arms to FER_arms for Ferrari etc etc
    [same with the MCL_gloves material]



    i also did MGP and Mclaren wheels myself:

    feel free to take what you need
  12. ok deleted all links becouse of updating all wheels, maybe will be out in a week or two:D