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Promotion Day Tomorrow!!!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Todd Garner, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Is everyone proud and ready for promotion?

    Moving up to B Class road and C class Oval.

    Congrats to everyone being promoted.
  2. B Class road - finally! as i dont do many official races, and i usually cars MC its hard to gain SR :p
  3. Moving to A Class oval.
  4. Class 'A' Road
    Class 'C' Oval - need to fast-track to 'B' so I can run the Indy Ovals.
  5. Class C road for me. Tried to make it Class C oval too but my plan to boost my SR in a few races on the 13th Week Street Stock races didn't quite work out......
  6. C class Road for me, and I got up to D oval too.
  7. I know that I am ready! I am hitting the same classes as Todd, so i am excited about running the trucks.

    I am still trying to decide if I am going to run the Riley for road racing. Half of me only wants to run NTM cars, but i am sure that it will come soon for that one.

    Hopefully, i can use this season to build experience. Ultimately, i would like to run Indy road amd ovals together next season.
  8. Promotion? I don't have the cash for tracks for my LAST promotion! I'm sitting pretty with Class D, 4.55 Oval and 3.70ish road. I may get some D road stuff just to keep progressing, but reckon I'm going to make a serious run at SK's since I have all the content. Gratz to all on your acomplishments!
  9. Ready for my first full season of racing. Racing both the truck and tour mod this season. Might dabble with the late model after it recieves the NTM.
  10. Up to B class in road... LMP here I come! :D
  11. B class in road for me also. Still a D in ovals.
    Going to check out the GT series.