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Promoting ARCA Sim Racing

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by The Sim Factory, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Everyone, Please help us get the word out on ARCA Sim racing as much as possible. All leagues can link to our client directly to at least get it in the hands of more folks.

    I will soon modify pictures and such to better show the capabilities of the sim. I will also have a important News ticker added which will have up to date information such as workarounds or fixes info in realtime. Together we can make this a great experience and a lot of fun for a lot of people who have never even thought about sim racing before. Some of the new leagues and ideas I am hearing about and seeing are really attractive and very creative in many cases.

    Here is the link to use for the client (please don't mirror): http://www.thesimfactory.com/ASR_L1.zip
  2. Hi - As someone who has considered looking at this game for some time but not yet gone through with it, is there any form of demo or anything that would enable a "try before buy"? The concern I have is that in previous experience of oval racing games, they have seemed bland as the true experience of the racing has not been conveyed very well. It is for this reason that I am very reluctant to shell out the cash on a game that I might well only play once or twice. It would be really useful to have a demo or trial period available.
  3. :plus1:
  4. i play it myself and i can asure you its nothing like other oval sims. Its a really good sim with nice tracks and very good car handling.. a demo or trial would be good to get the big mass into arca
  5. A trial period/Demo would be the best way to encourage people to try ARCA. Perhaps a competition with a few free licences up for grabs would also raise awareness. Just look at the response the recent RTR promotion got.
  6. Make ya a deal, (although a demo version is hopefully ready soon), I will make Mill Hill a local spokesman to get his opinions out there for folks. All I need is for you to PM me your email address, and I'll take care of the rest :)
  7. thats cool with me. Pm on its way!
  8. Cool. You have the weight of expectation on your shoulders Mike to brings us some more racers for our Monday night events :good:
  9. Check PM's, enjoy!
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    What a great initiative TSF :thumb:
  11. Yeah a demo would be great. I thought of buying it but i don't know if i really enjoy it because i never raced oval before. :)
  12. ovals are a full different take I can tell you that :)
    and don't worry we try to teach many on what to pay attention

    and best of all....blue flag does not always mean move over :).....but step on the gas buddy, the leader is coming to you :)
  13. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i never been good on ovals but i would at least try to get better but first like all the others a demo would be a good start :wink2:
  14. OK, a Race Department Special for this weekend only, ends Sunday night Midnight eastern time! As it looks like the demo is still a bit off in release time frame, in the interest of fairness, I will propose this.

    For anyone who buys the sim at regular price this weekend from Race Department, I will allow a second email to be used for a full version of the sim. How ever you want to work it out, for each purchase, two users will be able to get the game.

    After a purchase, please email your name and who you would like to have entered into the system as your free guest.

    That's 2 for 1, buy one get one, 1/2 price when buying two ... However you want to say it, split the cost or whatever, I will honor that for you.

    Best I can do till Demo is released ;)

    ** You must be a existing Race Dept member though, no new signups.
  15. Wow ,nice move !
  16. wuaw great idea:)
  17. very nice from tsf. They are very friendly and helpfull, couple weeks ago i had some issues and they were willing to help day in day out. I respect that from a game company and a close friend from RD
  18. I have linked it on the news/frontpage as this is a great opportunity for members to notice this :)
  19. I am very interesting in that, but I don't understand, the "buys the sim at regular price this weekend from Race Department"

    I thought that we just have to download and buy the game with this link :

    Doesn't it mean, that if we buy the game this weekend from this link and send a PM to you, you can give me the possibility to have an other one license free for a friend of mine ? (because I am a Race Department member)
  20. Sebastien you are correct