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Mods Prokop Rally Monte Carlo 2015 1.0

Jipocar Czech Team Ford Fiesta WRC

  1. blastprocessing submitted a new resource:

    Prokop Rally Monte Carlo 2015 - Jipocar Czech Team Ford Fiesta WRC

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  2. Awesome detail, one of the best I saw, but why did you included the shadows into the main texture?
  3. Thanks for the kind words, meerkat (and again for the incredibly helpful template). I tend to prefer the look ambient occlusion (AO) gives you, even if it's faked. I think it gives the car model a more natural look in curves and color saturation (since the livery is very colorful to begin with).

    I did, however, lower that shadow layer opacity by more than half (100% is very strong), so its very subtle and doesn't affect the primary colors much if at all. Also since Codies use AO on their wheel texture, I figured I'd keep shading style similar.
  4. Then why just not increasing the contrast on the alpha map of the specocc file? Will all respect btw, I don't think it's a good idea in either cases. In the beginning when I started editing DR skins I tried changing contrasts just for the sake of realism on the DDS file, but this never translated in a better look overall, in the contrary making a more better looking DDS file resulted in a messy texture.
  5. Guess I'm just used to skinning the old fashioned way from RBR and GTR where the game engine doesn't render specular maps.

    If you want, I can re-upload without the shadows.
  6. It's not because I want you to update it just for me, but I believe the devs did their best to make all textures and shaders to look good in every light condition :).
    Hope to convince other modders too :/