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Project Cars vs Assetto Corsa.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by blackcelica, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Having the latest build 99% complete Project cars and Assetto corsa as it is right now 1.04, I know which one I prefer......by an absolute mile.
    Project cars screen.
    Assetto Corsa screen of same car/track/position.
    I am a little Assetto bias, PC feels like a racing game, Assetto feels like a simulator. What are your thoughts?
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  2. Si


    having not had the chance to try PC I will wait and see! have to say im more excited for AC1.1 and Dreampack than PC tbh!
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  3. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    Well, from those screenshots, I can say that the AC model of Silverstone is a lot better :roflmao:
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  4. To be fair though, the weather effects in project cars are stunning. If Assetto had the real time changeable weather It would completely seal the deal for a lot of people who plan to get both. PC would never be played again. Come on Assetto, weather and damage and you will be the complete package. That's just cosmetic though. The feel of Assetto is what matters the most and an upgrade to multi-player.
    Brans Hatch, McLaren P1, rain.
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  5. Si


    Well I think AC has left the door open to PC with there multiplayer. If they squeeze 1.1 out before PC and it's a big improvement then PC will need to be very special indeed!
  6. Turk


    I haven't had the chance to play PC but it doesn't sound great from what I've seen about physics. The rain looks pretty good but I think Kunos are right, people will fire that up once or twice and marvel at how good it looks but never really use the feature that much.

    At this stage PC would have to be utterly fantastic for me to buy it outside of a sale. I'm invested in AC and don't really have the time to enjoy AC as much as I'd like so there's no room for PC.
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  7. AC closed the gap big time when it comes to graphics, to the point of being arguably better.

    Other than that i can't say, i will get Pcars too and hope it offers me some fun...
  8. I'm thinking I have enough love to embrace them both.

    Not sure how long that will last but they can both have my money.
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  9. Don't forget that AC has (and allows for) a great modding community.
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  10. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan

    I only wish AC would get new sky box..more realistic clouds.. :D Maybe it's just me but it gives a lot of immersion for me.
    I tested PC quite a lot, it's better than 3 months ago, but very computer source needy :D I can't run a race with 10 ai on medium and i have pretty good computer,GPU only problem for me. Yes PC is beautiful maxed out, but it lacks in physics and ffb. I can't feel a car like in AC.
    Soo yeah, if AC get really good update 1.1 i think that PC is forgoten for me, multiplayer is also dead for quite some time in this game. Only one server or soo. At begining of mp there were always at least 10 servers.
  11. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    Don't get me wrong but I'm so sick of these comparisons I must admit. Everybody is free to play whatever he or she likes. I don't understand the point anymore in asking people what they prefer. This has gone on for over a year now since the E.A. release of Assetto......

    Meh, just buy both and then play whichever you like. No spoken word or even a YouTube video will make you get the same impression. Just play them both.....
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  12. Although most cases is just fans slinging mud at each other, it might help someone who is genuinely on the fence...
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  13. Turk


    I think they made an announcement that this would be happening with the 1.1 update. They were showing pictures of the nords with overcast weather and fog.
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  14. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan

    I saw that, but i mean for shape of the clouds, like in R3E which looks great.
  15. This is the big one also, I have invested in this title producing over 50 mods so far for AC.
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  16. Jempy


    Prefering AC for its modding possibility and less asking for a middle end PC .... I must say Project Cars has its other good sides too. ;)

    Just Junior member ... but I think I'll have it too besides AC for other pleasures.
    Except if AI remains as it is now: cars crashing all over the track or taking most curves on ... 2 wheels !???.

    Both games cannot be compared: too different from one another.
    So .... get both !....
    Why compare them as their initial aims are completely different ?
  17. I have not tried PCars yet, but it looks like a fun racing game.

    I'll stick to assetto for simulation though thank you.
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  18. Edu Martinez

    Edu Martinez

    This sound like we have to make a choice when we can choice both, so I would rather this title: PCars and AC and R3S and iRacing and rFactor2 and ...a very good year for racing simulators fans. :D
    Every game is special and different. They are great and I am enjoying all of them.

    FFB, physics, tyres: AC (the others are good but not so good)
    Tracks: AC, iRacing (both scanned, but R3S and PCars are very good)
    Graphics: PCars
    Mods: AC
    AI: R3S-DTM, PCars (looks good) and AC ? (thinking patch 1.1)
    Multiplayer: iRacing
    Career: PCars (offline), iRacing (online)
    AI Championships: PCars, R3S-DTM.
    (sorry about rFactor2 I didn´t try enough)

    Maybe PCars will be the most complete game but It´s not the best pure simulator.

    So, I want an AC game with PCars graphics-weather-night-Career-Series, and with iRacing MP.
    or put another way, I want a PCars with AC-FFB-physics-tyres-mods-tracks and iRacing MP :p ;)

    (excuse my English) :whistling:
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  19. I've got both of them each one has its pro's and con's if you get both of them you have the best of both worlds
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  20. Just this is enough for me to buy PCars as soon as it's out.
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