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Project CARS Videos

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Kakha Jomardidze, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Leonus F68 at Watkins Glen


  2. the game is really cool!
  3. Ive invested too, but im quite sure its not going to be a Sim :( Shift 3 maybe.

  5. Cars Mechanical work, special attention to springs working:

    Watch in 720p.
  6. Some laps with my awful driving :p

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  8. A 'Clean' race with the new AI released in Build 73. No assists, 'Hard' AI, manual clutch and h shifter

  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Nothing wrong with your driving there, good stuff :thumb:
  10. Well I figured out I was released the clutch to fast on down shifts causing snap over steer on that Lotus 49. I had corrected that in the AI race :D
  11. Can someone add some gameplay footage from Test Track?:cool: I'am not able to buy this right now.
  12. The test track is pretty basic and looks like its been thrown together quickly so it'd be better to wait until its polished for the test track. But if you with I could film a boring run on the high speed oval :p
  13. Guys thank you so much for the videos. It does really help to tell if a game is worth buying or not by looking at some gameplay.
  14. The sim is in the beginning of the development, so you don't buy an ready game, you pay to become an part of the development process.
  15. You sure it's a sim ? it rather look very arcade game so far and from what I have read..
  16. Wrong, maybe you could invest 10 € to try it by yourself.
  17. Sure I can but i dont have a racing wheel, I can only use my mouse or keyboard for it and I don't know if the game support one of them.
  18. New build came out today, Here is the nuke at watkins long. :) Will do a karting video later.

  19. Here is a karting video, its pretty bumpy still but they did say its a WIP
  20. sound is awful.