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Project CARS Thrustmaster T500RS settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Enagee, May 5, 2015.

  1. Got Project cars on preorder and looking forward to release day, am hoping to start racing straight away without too much messing about with settings.
    Thought I'd look around for some wheel and ingame settings with Thurstmaster T500RS but can't find much as I haven't got access to WMD forums.
    Any early access users out there mind sharing wheel and ingame setups?

  2. Last week I tried stock FFB and it was OK. But these tried and tested settings on my T500 still felt better. All credit to bmanic for his awesomeness at tuning FFB:

    Damper = 0
    Force Feedback = 60

    Tire Force = 100
    Change the following settings but leave the rest below Tire Force unchanged:
    Deadzone Removal Range = 0.05-0.08 (depends on your preference)
    Relative Adjust Gain = 0.98
    Relative Adjust Bleed = 0.10
    Relative Adjust Clamp = 0.96
    Scoop Knee = 0.70 (this is the most important one)
    Scoop Reduction = 0.10

    I am sure the community will swiftly embrace tweaks per wheel and per car, since that is really needed for optimal results. If you are going to change anything from stock, remove the damping and drop the FFB from default 75 down to 60, then add deadzone removal. If you want a more "dynamic" experience the scoop setting is I believe the most vital one to play with.
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  3. There is a bit of confusion though. Let me correct you:

    1) I recommend setting the ingame FFB strength setting to 100 (very very important!). Then instead set the FFB strength in the Thrustmaster CONTROL PANEL between 60 - 75, depending on how much of a workout you want.

    Other than that, yeah, you got it nailed.

    2) Also make sure to experiment with the car setup FFB settings that you find in the garage/edit screen of each car. The most important setting there is called Spindle Arm Angle and can ONLY be found when you are not on the track/in the actual gameplay part but rather in the main menu (I have no idea why they didn't include it in the in-game garage/setup screen). The spindle arm angle is set a bit weird on many cars. For instance the Ginetta G40 has it default to 15 I think but it works much better when set to 21.

    I also usually tweak the Fx, Fy, Fz and Mz settings to something like this:

    Fx = 80
    Fy = 50 to 70 range
    Fz = 60 to 70 range
    Mz = 100 to 110 range

    Then also set the Spindle arm multiplier (first setting on this screen) to something higher than the default 26. I usually end up at around 32 to 40, depending on how much down force the car produces (more down force = stronger FFB)

    EDIT: once my workload gets under control I'll start trying to find optimal Spindle Arm Angles for each car and also experiment with different settings for Logitech DFGT and T300/T500/458 TX wheels (I have DFGT and TX 458).

    I also hope that the devs correct the really bad default settings for the FFB strength and damper, at least for the PC release.
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  4. Sorry for the confusion... I spent most of my time with pCARS using the G25 or T300 and have only been putting time into pCARS with the T500 recently, and found it a bit different when I started with it. I should have waited a bit longer before putting suggestions down, but figured someone more knowledgeable would come along swiftly (which you did).

    I will point out that the T500 with 100% force in game is REALLY firm, much more so than the T300/TX. Even with 60/100/100/0/0 in the Thrustmaster drivers. I need to put more time in to figure out what to adjust elsewhere, but for now the 60% force in game was suggested because it's a lot better than 100% with the current FFB defaults. Scoop is clearly optional at the moment for a T500, but setting 100% force is not a pleasant experience.

    I guess the greater issue is that if you don't want to be mucking around adjusting FFB individually for each car, how do you correct the default very firm behaviour? Lower tire force?

    There's got to be some way to give users a "do this and things will get better" quick fix, instead of the "change settings in 2 menus globally and then more settings per car" which will probably put a bunch of guys off...
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  5. Many thanks for the input guys, a little disappointed with the ffb so far.

    Been playing GSC,rfactor 2 , iracing and mainly assetto corsa so that's was my benchmark , and hope updates bring it closer to that feel.

    In Pcars Wheel feels heavy with no life in it in .....been driving the McLaren GT3.
    Car Setup ffb setting seems abit tedious ...you have to do this and save for each car for each track? Yes, this menu should be available when on track.
  6. Peter Hartz

    Peter Hartz

    i posted this in the other thread aswell but i think its quite important for the calibration and might help some people.

    the calibration issue for me.:
    ingame it says turn the wheel to either the full left OR right position(which is a bit confusing).
    i did that. it was crap. so i did it again.
    this time i turned the wheel fully left AND fully right and then set it back to the middle position and presst next(and save). worked like a charm.

    ps.: i set the ffb force to 50

    other than that here is a guide. sadly its in german but it might help some people.
  7. Anybody using a T300? Looking for some suggestions to find a baseline, or at least what I should change from default. Looks like reducing damping to 0 is a good start?
  8. 0% damping, 100% force feedback as a starting point. You can stick to 75/100/100/0/0 in drivers.

    If you find it too stiff with these settings, you can try reducing tire force from 100% down to something lower. That isn't an ideal approach but I need to try the final build with my T300 before I can give you any better advice.
  9. This might sound like a stupid question but cant find those options like Tire force and so on anywhere ?
  10. its not a stupid question, its a stupid layout...i think tire force is in wheel calibration settings
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  11. Thank you - I'll give that a shot!
  12. Oh theres more menus down below...gahhhh, thanks Yusupov
  13. Where is the damping setting? I only see a setting for linkage damping, is this the one that should be 0?
  14. I'm pretty rubbish at setting up FFB, but am I missing anything obvious as I'm driving the BMW GT around Imola and I'm not feeling any FFB through the road, and curbs is so subtle it might as well be off. It's like the tarmac has just been laid and there is not one bump in the road at all. I also tried the Karting Tier 8 as well and on the jump I would expect a jolt but nothing :(

    The game looks great, has so much content but the feel is almost non-existent. I'm using the settings above with the following T500RS Control Panel settings:
    Master Gain = 65%
    Constant = 100%
    Peridoic = 100%
    Spring = 0%
    Damper = 0%
    Auto-Centre = by the game

    Any ideas anyone?
  15. Thanks guys. That did the trick for me. My G27 feels much better now. Again, thanks.:thumbsup:

  16. I'm in the same boat as you their is no road bumps (but the car is bouncing all over the place) and the curbs are a joke, losing grip feels no different then full grip. I think I've spent to many hours in Assetto Corsa because I'm spoiled and this feels nothing like that. The setup options for the wheel are all over the place, you've got them in the controller options screen with config, then on the same page you've got something called calibrate and thats not counting the tweaks you can make while sitting in the pits. The Clipping tool makes no sense, none, when the heck is my wheel clipping telemetry graph bar??? Assetto Corsa made all this so simple with a bar that went red when clipping and very simple ffb settings. I.E you want more road effects just go to options and raise the button that says road effects. WTF is Fx,Fz,Fy,Mz. I don't have a PHD and you fully made studios from what I've googled don't have anything on your webpage that explains this.

    Sorry I ranted, but 6 hours of tweaks and the ffb stiff feels like crap. I'm going to keep playing and tweaking, but it would be really nice if someone smarter then me posted a good setup for this game for the t500. From what i can tell spring and damper in control panel settings does nothing. If you find out anything please post, I'll do the same
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  17. 15 minutes in this thread, and my wheel (G27) feels mahvelous!

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  18. Tommi Saari

    Tommi Saari
    Moving chicane Premium

    Where is the clipping tool located and how can I enable it?
  19. Not sure if this is the problem with every wheel (but from steam forms i think it is), but i found out the issue. I set ffb to 100 in both game and t500 control panel (only for testing what each force ingame does).
    I turned on the clipping tool (kinda a clipping tool) its under game options/ game/ HUD / clicked it over from: none/min/full/ telemetry. Once i had telemetry running a line graph appears on the upper left hand corner of your screen and lets you know when ffb is being sent to the wheel.

    This is when i found out the issue, with all the forces maxed the graph let me know that almost no forces where going to the wheel when driving in a straight line (wheel straight) but ohh baby did that change when i turned the wheel. The line started going all over the place (I felt the gear changes, some bumps, etc) but only when the wheel was at a angle. I took the car off road and with the wheel straight felt nothing 100 ffb set in game and nothing (crazy) and very little data was being sent to the wheel, but when the wheel is in any other position then straight the wheel is being sent all kinda info, i.e ffb. It seems that even with dead-zone set to zero in game their is still an artificial dead-zone with the wheel. I'm going to continue to play with this
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