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Project CARS Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by turnburgler, May 7, 2015.

  1. Anyone got a wheel like this or a similar one and has any clue to what a decent setting setup could be?

    I have a problem with the deadzone being too high or the wheel just being unresponsive on low inputs or very uneven with the TX preset. If I used xbox controller preset I get rid of the deadzone but the steering is very sensitive and unnatural instead. Playing around with speed sensitivity and controller slider seems to make a difference, but I can't find a sweet spot.

    Note that the 458 wheel without ffb is detected as an xbox controller by the pc, although I haven't had any problems like these in AC, iracing or dirt rally :S
  2. Wow, not only do I have that same wheel, but I just posted this same issue here before seeing your thread. Here's hoping we both find a solution soon. I love the wheel/pedals as they're just fantastic in AC & other sims. Just need to get it sorted for PC.
  3. See if this can help.
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  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    Are you talking of the newer Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia wheel? This is what I'm using and I have absolutely no problems - using the TM 458 profile in Project CARS.
    And what do you mean "No FFB"? FFB feels fine in pCARS.
  5. Checked it already... he doesn't go into detail about the settings at all unfortunately, and the TX wheel is different from the non ffb one it seems as well :(
  6. I'm, talking about the 458 italia wheel that doesn't have ffb (the one without TX in the name)
  7. William Wester

    William Wester

    Ahh, didn't know they made one. Can't help.
  8. I managed to stumble onto something that's not ideal but at least made the game driveable:
    • Go to "Options">"Controls" and choose "Custom Controller" preset.
    • On the "Configuration" tab, scroll down to "Controller Input Mode" and choose option "2".
    • Set Steering Sensitivity to 20.
    (I don't know much about what "Controller Input Mode" does, but I did notice that different controller input modes result in different default deadzone values. Option "2" has a deadzone of "3", which I found to greatly reduce the huge deadzone I was having in-car, even substantially more than when I manually reduced the steering deadzone slider to "0" when trying other wheel presets. Go figure.

    This resulted in only a small (but manageable) amount of deadzone in the steering when in-game (in the car driving). I was then able to control the cars comfortably, occasionally adjusting the steering sensitivity until I settled on a value of 20. Then proceeded to have an absolute blast in Career mode racing the Formula Rookie car against the AI at Oulton Park. Good times.

    The biggest con I saw as a result of all of this was that when I'm in Time Trial mode, looking at "Driver Network Ghost Selection", my times are displayed with a "gamepad" as control scheme, even though I'm actually using a wheel. I don't like that, but 'tis a minor annoyance for now. At least I can drive and enjoy the game.

    Turnburgler, if you happen to stumble onto anything better, please post back here and let me know. I'm still hopeful of getting an actual "wheel" preset configured for our 458 Italia wheel.

  9. The controller input mode afaik is just a bunch of presets ;< The deadzone on 3 making for less deadzone than 0 sounds strange but if it works :thumbsup:

    I was just trying some different settings again, with the same result as before. The closest I've managed to come to my AC setup is using the xbox controller default preset, lower the steering sensitivity to 20-30~ and make minor tweaks to speed sensitivity. The upside to this is that the deadzone problem is gone and you can make very small adjustments with a natural feel.

    The downside is that you can't set steering lock so tight turns suck, and it feels like you're trying to make a boat go straight rather than putting as much power to the ground without losing grip with the only solution being playing around with the speed sensitivity slider which is confusing and shouldn't even be necessary.

    I think the problem with the deadzone when using a wheel preset is that the wheel is detected as a controller, and there's 5-10~ degrees of the steerling lock when turning fully that has no effect on the 458 wheel. I think this translates into ~10-15 degrees of deadzone when driving - strangely this was never a problem in AC. I tried re-calibrating my wheel in the control panel as well with no improvements. I'm considering just not playing PCars until they get their crap sorted... their official word on it is that the 458 xbox wheel is not supported - but both the xbox controller and the 458 TX are supported so that sounds pretty stupid to me... :rolleyes:
    I haven't had any problems in the other 6+ sims I've played with this wheel. Considering plugging my SRW-s1 back in for pcars as well but then I'm without pedals which sucks.

    I'll keep you updated if I figured something out!

    Edit: Plugged in my SRW, set up a custom wheel and it works flawlessly... Hope they come up with a solution for the 458 wheel soon ;<
    Last edited: May 9, 2015
  10. Thanks for the reply. Do you have a link to their "official word"? I didn't know they had already commented on it. I agree that it seems stupid that the 458 TX is supported but not the 458 itself.
  11. I can't remember where I found the quote... but IIRC it was either on the steam forum or their own forum where an admin posted it, sorry :confused:

    I think the reason behind the 'vanilla' 458 not being supported is that it doesn't have any of it's own software... so they (thrustmaster) just didn't bother supporting it more than having it detect as an xbox controller. What's strange to me is that pcars is the only game having any problems with it.
  12. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    On the xbox, it's a pretty big problem. That wheel is capable of so much (hey, if Forza5 can feel great then this game can blow it away), but SMS dropped the ball somehow. And trust me, I've tried everything. It's not godawful, it's just not where it should be. I should at least feel ffb as good as FM5, don't you think?
  13. William Wester

    William Wester

    I would think the TX would feel much better with pCARS than with Forza. I've only used my TX with pCARS on the PC but when I tried it with Forza 5 I thought my TX was broken, very little feedback. If you could try your TX on a good PC sim you would be surprised just how good it can feel.
    Im not sure why its not working for you in pCARS on the X1, if I come across a copy I would like to try on the X1 out of curiosity.
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  14. I think Forza 5's FFB feels like garbage, personally. The TX is a fine wheel when used on the PC, but the FFB is all screwed up in Forza 5. There's a huge FFB deadzone at center and the wheel seems to react oppositely when turning compared to every other PC racing sim. I am REALLY hoping the Fanatec CSW v2 is going to feel better when the Xbox One wheel is released later this month.
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  15. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    The Thustmaster is more than a capable wheel. The SMS forums are lit up with PC users who also awn an xbox and are complaining loudly about the lack of proper FFB on pCARS. It's pretty dramatic, actually. I agree, that Forza never gets it right (they try to simulate g-force with weight), but the slip angles and subtle loss of traction are great in FM5 and virtually non-existent in pCARS.

    There are so many settings that I'm really not sure if it's a settings issue, it's my expectations from playing Forza too much, or whether there truly is a problem. Re: the last one, many many other TX users have complained (mostly ones that have a PC and can compare) so it can't be in my head. Basically, there is a lack of connection with the road. Certainly you can feel force...and certainly you can feel bumps, but things like turbo, under-steer, over-steer, gear shifts, and simple loss of traction do not translate well. Of course, this kills a video game. It's sort of like Shift2 all over again. 24 hours to find something that's decent, acceptable, and somewhat believable, but not what I'd imagine the game is anywhere near capable of.

    So, I went back to Forza, and just like before on Forza 4, it feels WAAAY too heavy. The tracks have surface noise, but they all feel the same except for some good mapping. But the slip angles are far superior. You feel a progression of grip loss that is very fine. And you can feel this and know if it's front or back. You don't really feel this on pCARS. I got it to the point where I now have drop off under-steer and the ffb feels decent, but that's a far cry from what I imagined. Yet, in really thinking about how a real car drives and feels, it's closer to pCARS. I mean...you really DO lose traction all of a sudden, which is why most people don't dare to push it. And the cars aren't heavy. What I mean is...a DTM car will have the tendency to self center and turning the wheel isn't more difficult the further you go in radius. But in a video game, at least to simulate g-force, it is. Now, pCARS has both of these...more of a constant ffb through the turn, and a drop off in understeer. But there is still something missing. You don't feel a connection with the road. In a car, you do. It's like they just left the tire model out of the game. And it's not just me...the forums are lit up with this. So, I'm pretty sure it's a little bit of expectation and a little bit of not knowing what to adjust (although I followed every piece of avice from every singe source it seems....for countless variations and hours), but A LOT of explaining by SMS. When PC users who also have an xbox say it's broken, I trust them. I hope they acknowledge this issue and patch it soon.

    What I had to do to get ANY feeling that understeer is happening is to turn Tire Force to 120 and FFB to 100 on both wheel and game, and then go 75% with Fx smoothing since the wheel feels like it's got a spring the size of Texas holding it in the center position. This should not be. Further, you can't feel the bumps unless you crank the last "f" setting almost all the way up.

    It's Shift2 all over again.
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  16. Dude, not sure what is your problem with TX on Pcars(X1), but my TX is working very well. It took me couple of days to get the settings right (mainly USING 'bmanic' setups), but now it's awesome and I can't get my hands of the game. I race go karts in real life and done some car track days, so I have a pretty good knowledge of how four wheels should behave when pushed to the limit, and TX represents that pretty well. So check your settings mate, it took me a while to get where I wanted, but it's worth it.
    First few hours I was very disappointed with the game, I thought here we go all that hype for nothing.. but for me, this is the best racing game I have ever played on Console and FFB is awessome, when set right! ;) good luck
  17. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Well, that's good to hear. I too have raced competitively at Road Atlanta and I'm very aware too of what a car should feel like, but I'm just not getting that connection with the road. Granted, g-forces can never be truly transmitted, but they should at least be simulated well, and there is no feeling of tire contact.
    Further, it's not just me. There is a known issue declared (with a "potential" workaround that does help a bit) so it's going to get some attention sooner or later with a patch I hope. It's gotten a bit better with this advice:

    Basically, I'm using the suggestions from bmanic but incorporating these for the xbox:
    Dudes, reset all of your changes in the main FFB area (click Y to reset) if you've made any and bump up "Deadzone Removal Range" to .50. Move Deadzone Removal Falloff to .05. This is removing the dead area in the wheel and it seems to be giving me some more feel without having to adjust 20 other things. Is it comparable to my PC? I don't think so, but it's a start until we get a fix.
    In addition to that I'm bumping up the Master Scale of each in car tune to 50+. I'm generally going to 70ish myself, but you can mess with that and see what you like. I did read that if you bump up Master Scale you also want to adjust SoP Scale to match it (second page in car tuning FFB). Not sure if that is needed or not but I'm throwing it out there.

    I'll also be trying to bump up Tire Scale a smidge to see what that does.

    Again, this is not THE fix, it's simply the best band-aid I could find until they bring a patch out for us.

    But if you could share your settings, I'd be very grateful...and I'll try them to see what happens. Perhaps I can get close (almost there) and then sit back and enjoy the game.I agree the other part of the game are fantastic.
  18. Ok, I will share my settings with you and hope it will help. These are the settings that use for most cars, but adjust them individually per car or track or my MOOD :) If I want heavier wheel I turn up 'Master Scale' to 100 or even more, but this also depends on the car, for example FA I do only 30, as anything above the wheel starts clipping, but usually I race at around 50-60. Also Mz Scale is good for making heavier wheel, Tire Force or even I found out from another forum SoP settings give you some interesting feel as well. For example sometimes I do this:
    SoP Scale - 90
    SoP Lateral Scale - 70
    SoP Differential Scale - 90
    Try it, you may not like it, but some cars I find it makes a good feeling.
    Also make sure to update you TX wheel to '48.B9' version.
    And one final note which made a big difference to me was Rotation/Angle of the wheel in the main Control menu, connected on PC! A lot of people and forums suggest setting it to 900 degrees, if I do that I loose all the feeling of FBB and wheel becomes very light. So after experimenting I found that 270 degrees give me the best feeling, even you could try lower, maybe...
    Anyway, I hope some of this help you, let me know how it feels ;)
    These are my general settings, but I tweak some of them per car, track, mood :)

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  19. Leynad777


    I like the ffb in pCars (PC) with my TX and have very different settings than above.
    Just turn everything to default, remove dampers and dead zones, force to 100% and the rest is in the car menue. Main Force 22/Fx100/Fy140/Fz140/Fm140 are values i usually start with and the best way to test it is a car with awesome ffb like the Ruf GT3 oder Ariel Atom.
  20. I think he mentioned earlier, this problem does not occur to TX users on PC. It's for the people on consoles with TX.