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Project CARS Sound Settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Pär Öqvist, May 11, 2015.

  1. Is there anyway to adjust the sound more then in the sound menu? I can only hear the engine pretty much in tin tops and engine/wind noise in cabriolets. Tire sounds I hardly hear in a Caterham and I have real problem hearing my opponents. If I turn down my engine noise I turn down theirs as well it seems.

    I run stereo headphones and the sound output is set to stereo.
  2. I have the most issue with not being able to hear tire noise. Its very important to know when my tires on the edge of their limits, but the sound is just not there. However, I have turned down my engine noise to 85 and my engineer to 75, everything else is at 100.
  3. Lazarou


    Another aspect of Pcars they appear SMS don't want messing with. You can see the console structure in the audio options.

    Shame there does not seem to be a file you can edit. Like Blkout says the lack of tyre squeal is an issue as a sim driver needs all the clues we can get without having the benefit of actually sitting in the car and feeling what is happening.
  4. ONT


    My understanding is there working on implementing slider for Tire sound and ability to run external car sound in cockpit mode if so desire.

    Hopefully in next patch ;)
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  5. well give them credit for the 39 ffb parameters. That is NOT console :D

    Slider for external cars and tires and a lot is won. I will also try running a 5.1 mix to my receiver instead of stereo. Some suggest they hear tires just fine.