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Featured Project CARS Patch 0.8 Released + DLC Previews

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    PCARS Stanceworks BWM.jpg
    Slightly Mad Studios have released yet another patch for best selling racing simulator Project CARS, bringing a raft of updates to the title on PC, XBOX ONE and PS4.

    Despite work having already begun on the sequel to the Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios have assured fans they will be continuing support well into 2016, starting with patch 0.8 which will be released across all platforms from Wednesday 20th January.

    Bringing a number of vehicle updates and track optimisations to the game, perhaps the most eargely anticipated update will no doubt be the update to Oculus Rift support... right in time for all those lucky owners of the new Consumer Version released for pre order recently.

    Stephan Viljoen of SMS had the following to add regarding Oculus support:

    "A note on the Oculus Rift support - We're internally working with the post 0.8 SDK that will be released along with the headset. We have a bunch of updates and features in the works already, but due to the newer SDK only rolling out to the general public when Oculus releases the headset, the Project CARS Oculus Rift updates will also be released at that time, right when you guys will be receiving your shiny new CV1 headsets"

    Alongside the latest patch SMS have recently been leaking sneak preview images from their latest On Demand DLC programme, titled Stanceworks Track Expansion. Stanceworks Track Expansion brings 4 new cars in the shape of the KTM X-Bow R, MX-5 RADBUL, Formula Drift, the BMW 1-Series M-Coupe and a classic BMW 2002 with Group 2 racing bodywork alongside new fantasy circuit the Bannochbrae road course set in Scotland, UK.

    This months free car will be the awesome 2013 Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar as featured in the Australian based V8 Supercar Series.

    PCARS MX-5 RADBUL Formula Drift 2.jpg
    Patches released for XBOX ONE, PS4 and PC are very similar, below you can read the full PC changelog.



    • McLaren F1 GTR - adjusted cockpit exposure, fixed visual clipping issues.
    • Radical RXC Turbo - Fixed typo in statistics file. Engine now correctly displays as V6 not V8, Fixed asymmetry typo in default setup spring rates.
    • Lotus 51 - Fixed a typo giving 100 steps to rear fast rebound damper settings instead of 10. Default values were unaffected.
    • Renault Megane RS265 - Fixed typo causing asymmetry in default setup springs.
    • KTM X-Bow - Fixed clipping on the roof camera.
    • Cadwell Park – Fixed an issue where cars while on the main straight would hit the pit wall at a certain spot and be disqualified.
    • Ruapuna all layouts - updated the position of the pit exit trigger so it's after the start line trigger. Full optimisation pass done on all the layouts to improve performance.
    Physics, Tires and Setups
    • Further adjustment of heating on under-inflated tires where it was reduced as part of the discontinuity fix.
    • Fixed issues with players not being able to save setups to DLC tracks, if they started their profile with older versions of the game.
    • Fixed OSW / DIY sim wheel driver crash in PID.DLL.
    • DLC cars and tracks will now remain selected between game sessions.
    • Fixed a bug where some tracks with forced rolling starts was locking out the rolling start option after moving to a different track.
    • Extended joypad and dpad bitfields to include some extra buttons on steering wheels. Added 'same class as player' flag in participant info mSector field. Fixed a couple of issues with packet types 1/2 not sending at the correct rate.
    • Fixed bloom not working correctly on any MSAA mode on PC.
    Oculus Rift
    • Updated to Oculus SDK 0.8 SDK"
    Have you tried the recent update yet? Does it meet your expectations? Looking forward to the latest DLC offering? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. I like the shadows in the world and on the exterior of the cars. Looks real good.
  3. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    Oh God no, not more Super V8 Aussie touring cars! ;)

    They give me nightmares as it is! :roflmao:
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  4. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    I think I need my PC fixed soon if V8 Supercars are coming! Shame there's no V8 Ute's though :(
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  5. ProjectCARS gets so much hate, personally the game really surprised me when it came out. Way more realistic handling than I expected, actually an easy transition between more detailed sims and this game. I don't know how they do it, but they've kept me happy the whole time!
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  6. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Happy is what it should be about:)
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  7. And still no proper triple screen support as well as other crucial features confirmed during open alpha stage. I've been banned out from the Alpha month before release for saying that I don't believe them any more. I was right.
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  8. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Patch 8?:confused:...Oh...never mind:sleep:
  9. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I put hours into this game,but have now stopped.The AI is simply horrendous,and don't give me the treat them like humans crap,the AI is broken.And still no fix for it,iv'e defended this game on here since it came out,but I can't do it anymore.It look's good and the physics are pretty good,but it's just a hotlap simulator.:(
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  10. Online race.. cough cough... Community league.. cough cough...
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  11. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I don't do online racing cough not interested cough.So FOR ME it's a hotlap simulator.
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  12. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    pCars handling is quite good nowadays (compared with version 1.0).
    Was racing against AI last week with the GT3's at Donington.
    One of the best AI races i had in a long time (any sim title).
    Was a very lucky draw I guess.
    When i was going bit wide AI was instantly next to me.
    Overtaking me and after that seen the AI had some good fights themselves.
    But racing with another class it was horrific again, especially openwheelers.
    I still don't give up with pCars, it's to much fun sometimes.
    But i don't get that proper AI tweaks don't seem to get any attention.
    AI is still the biggest shortcoming of pCars.
    Impossible to do career with the openwheelers, without getting crashed or divebombs.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
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  13. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I'm still hoping upon hope they tweak the AI,but its been 8 months since release and still no improvement.I really want to do the career mode and not end up in frustration after every race like I said above,I've defended this game to the hilt,but now I'm just disapointed.When a tiny little studio Rieza can produce the quality AI like they do,it puts a big team like SMS to shame.I'll just stick with Rfactor two and SCE and rre in future.And as Pcars is an example of what SMS can produce,they can keep Pcars 2.They have pissed all over the offline racer.IN MY OPINION.
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  14. FlyGasm

    Premium Member

    I hope they didn't mess with the FFB again. I had that tuned in before and it seems like one of the recent car packs or updates threw it off. Not sure which one, but I know I had to go through and tweak the settings again. Guess I'll find out later.
  15. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber
    Premium Member

    Quick question about this >>>...... " Stanceworks Track Expansion " . When is the purposed release date for this?

    And on a side note : Yeah I don't get all the hate either. I see complaints in this thread alone about the Ai...but I haven't seen to many issues with those. My only complaints are with the UI which seems buggy. But other than that , I actually have a lot of fun in this game.
  16. I gotta admit I haven't messed with the AI as much as I could have been. For me I liked the AI in GTR2 the best and it's the same group of guys FTMP. Even if AI is more simplistic in it's behavior is better then a session killing illiterate AI I also find the career mode could be considerably better one area Codemasters is better at. However for the way I use the game I love it. Yes I want manual operation on pit lane and the ability to make full pit stops in practice sessions but I really do enjoy the driving part of the game with most of the cars. I am still fully committed to supporting SMS' efforts and wish them the financial success to allow them uninhibited production allowing them all the needed resources to continue to knock out material the way they have been. :thumbsup:
  17. Community league? Where? No PC leagues on RD.
    I've really become disillusioned with SMS, sadly. I still enjoy the game, but I haven't played it in a few months. The recent patches haven't instilled confidence in me, and SMS seems to be ignoring or saying "not gonna happen" to many missing features.
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  18. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff Member

    Quickly following the thread (I'm not replying any of the quotes as anything said here can go off at any moment)

    PCars biggest issue for a league is the MASSIVE LACK OF FEATURES. And stable dedicated servers, stable MP (I'm reading this is becoming more stable at each update, is that right?), broadcasting stuff. The only leagues we have are the console ones, and now with AC coming to Consoles, it might be tough to even keep with these leagues.

    One last thing, I HARDLY believe, judging by mr. Ian Bell hard-headed behaviour and SMS track record that those features will be in pCars 2 (expect driver swaps, they promised this one at least) on launch day, fully functional and league ready. Or any of the features might not be there at all.

    We have to wait and see how that goes in the end.
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  19. I am not saying yes or no to these missing features??? I don't work for them I can only look at their history going way back to their modding days. They created a mod and continued to build on it to the release of GTR 1 and basically GTR 2 was just a more complete and polished version of GTR1. I think as they build pCARS 2 I think there will still be some type of support for pCARS 1. I know they will want to continue to generate revenue during the development cycle of pCARS 2 by continuing to add the projected DLC for pCARS 1. As for things like manual pit road operation as a feature for pCARS 1 I don't know if that will happen. As for long planned tracks maybe a Track Pack DLC comes later. As for improvements in AI and career mode possibly but not to the quality they may have planned for their sequel. What you can expect is for SMS to follow good business sense with regards to their product and user base.
  20. :cool::cool:
    Lorenzo what you may see as hard headed I see a person dedicated to his company and development team. People in stress positions the behavior is common the reason you single out Ian Bell is that he actually takes the time to communicate with the user base and just does not put up with the nonsense that get's thrown around he doesn't have time for it there are way more important things to do and remember he is only human. Put yourself in his position and see if you would react any different which would mean kissing butts that don't deserve to be kissed.:cool:
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