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Featured Project CARS new Zonda Revolucion Teasers

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Project CARS Zonda 2.jpg
    Slightly Mad Studios have released some new teaser images of the upcoming Pagani Zonda Revolucion due to be released with the new Project CARS Game Of The Year Edition.

    Slated for a Spring, 2016 release on all platforms, PCARS GOTY Edition will feature a total of 125 cars (an additional 50 from the initial release) and over 100 variations of 35 racing circuits from around the globe. Perhaps of most interest will be the addition of the endurance layout of one of the worlds most famous circuits - the fabled Nurburgring Nordschleife. The endurance layout allows drivers to race the full Nordschleife combined with the more recent Grand Prix circuit.

    The Game of the Year release will also include updates which have been anticipated since the game launched back in 2015 (a mammoth 500+ features and improvements) and over 60 community-created liveries to compliment the paint schemes already available with the studio created content.

    The new Zonda is an attractive looking beast, powered by an AMG designed 800hp 6.0 litre V12 engine - capable of reaching speeds of up to 217mph, including use of an on board Formula One style DRS option!

    The real life version of the Revolucion comes in at a cool 2.2 million Euros plus tax and is considered by Pagani as "the apex of the celebration of performance, technology and art applied to a track car."

    Project CARS Game of The Year Edition will be released on May 6th 2016 across all platforms.

    Don't forget to check our very own Project CARS forum for all the latest news and discussions. We hold regular Racing Club events for all driver skill levels across all platforms.

    Looking forward to the new Zonda? Will you be purchasing the GOTY Edition of Project CARS? How has the game felt post Patch 10 release? Let us know in the comments section below!

    Project CARS Zonda 2.jpg Project CARS Zonda 3.jpg Project CARS Zonda 4.jpg Project CARS Zonda 5.jpg Project CARS Zonda.jpg
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  2. Eugene Abramoff

    Eugene Abramoff
    Staff Member Premium Member

    That's a great choice. I hope Kunos will put it in AC at some point too.
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  3. Paganis enough! Why not new GT1 or GTX cars?? Please more new tracks like Salzburgring, Daytona and many more!
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  4. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium Member

    :unsure:thats not where whe waiting for , enough pagani,s in the game......come with new tracks!!!! Whe have enough cars.....more is Bull*** Classic tracks whe need Sebring ....A1 Ring...Salzburgring.....
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  5. Well PCars.........

    Cake off... I hate it....worst buy of 2015/16/17/18/19/20/52
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  6. So we can play it properly and not as a simcade :)
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  7. Angeltheartist

    Premium Member

    So those that have P.Cars will they get (a mammoth 500+ features and improvements) Or do we now have to buy P.Cars GOTY edition just to get ,(a mammoth 500+ features and improvements) and does ,
    (a mammoth 500+ features and improvements) include proper triple screen support for PC users?
  8. Queequeg

    Premium Member

    Would appreciate a review of this once it comes out tbh. I will upgrade my PC towards the end of this year and I might get this during Christmas sale or something.
  9. Szymon Olizarowicz

    Szymon Olizarowicz
    Premium Member

    I wouldn't mind trying PCars GOTY during this year's Christmas sale on Steam. ;) Can't imagine spending $60, but it's probably worth it later down the line, especially if by then I have VR to try it with.
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  10. Best graphics and interesting performance despite the rain, night or day. Physics for me AC and P Cars are the same so if I had to choose one would be hard... P Cars has night and rain, AC more mods. So I choose none lol
    It's a good game to spend your time tbh
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  11. This is marketing nonsense. In other words, "The GOTY edition has all of the previous patches that were released since launch, which includes ~500 fixes/improvements."

    They are simply saying that the GOTY version has all the previous updates that they released. It's disingenuous to say that there are 500 new improvements/fixes, but this is how SMS operates.

    The base game and GOTY are the same product... just that the GOTY will have all of the dlc added to it.

    As for proper triple screen support.... lol
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  12. How is Pcars Simcade?? You do realise that the definition of simcade is a simulation game with arcade features to make it more accessible to casual players. It may not be the most realistic sim, but it isn't simcade. But hey, that applies to literally every sim on the market cause none of them get it 100% right.
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  13. Simply play Assetto Corsa and your definition suits pCARS perfectly :)
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  14. I played both games recently (latest versions) with an xbox one controller and Assetto Corsa felt a lot more arcadeish than Project Cars to be honest. In Assetto it just grips and grips...Maybe it's more different with a wheel but I doubt it.
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  15. So poor quality pit stops, terrible AI, lack of career mode is what defines a sim? (and yes I am aware they finally added them, but still it took forever). The point is you are using the term simcade incorrectly, and project cars does a lot of sim things better than than Alsetto Corsa. Heck Gran turismo is a sim, albeit not a particularly good one. That said I do realise AC has better FFB and am looking forward to try it out sometime.
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  16. It would seem most likely that owners of the previous version of PCARS will get all the updates for free since that should just be a new patch, however I'm curious if any new content will be available to owners of the previous version although I'm sure it will be paid DLC.
  17. Each to it's own taste :)

    Don't forget how long did it take to release pCARS ;) And with that it's still just a solid product with lots of content and lack of quality ;)
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  18. Ofc it will be a paid dlc :)
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  19. True, if the best bits of both were combined it would basically be the best sim ever.
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  20. Grass, damage, driving in the wet all forgiving for the casual player = arcade.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
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