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Project Cars mostly hype? Your opinions

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Azfalt Raser, May 8, 2015.

  1. This thing has been hyped so much.
    I swore I wouldn't buy another car game unless i tried a demo first. But like all the other sheep, I followed and purchased it.

    Thus far it's been a massive disappointment
    Played in: 4800x900 resolution
    No driver's aids
    Logitech driving force GT
    DTM car at Spa
    Default force feedback settings

    *Little to no steering feel.- I don't feel like I'm driving on ice though.
    *Arcade style driving (extremely forgiving) on the hardest settings.
    *cockpit sides are stretched oblong
    *BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS overall though.
    *audio left alot to be desired.

    Are either tracks accurate?
    I compared DTM cars in R3E at Hockeheim & pCars at Hockenheim.
    pCars seemed more difficult due to the shadows cast on the track, light reflections... so I had difficulty picking up some brake markers, but the track itself seemed easier to drive (less turning in corners), no tire squealing, basically turn the steering wheel according to the video on the screen - like an arcade game.

    The cars were worlds apart.
    R3E: you felt the weight transfer, heard the tires scrubbing then squealing as they lost grip, felt/heard the oversteer, the understeer.
    pCars: I just hear alot of wind noise. or what sounds like wind noise.
    Drive too fast? no problem in pCars just slam on the brakes mid-corner.
    Drive too fast in R3E, slide off the track - tires squealing & screeching the whole way, then dig yourself out of the gravel.

    Right now, my impression is that pCars is a better version of Grid Autosport.
    Somewhere between Arcade and Sim - leaning more towards arcade.

    Admittedly, I have optmized R3E and I was only in pCars for about half an hour and need to change fov, force feedback, and audio settings.

    What's your impression of pCars to other games?
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  2. xnorb


    Disclaimer: I don't own pCARS.

    The problem with hype is that it barely ever manages to live up to expectations.
    That's the reason why Valve is never allowed to release Half-Life 3 ;)

    The moment i heard about the game's FFB being designed for gamepad i knew it was the right decision to not jump on the hype train and give it some time to mature post release.

    Although i wonder what it was like during the last years.
    Did nobody of the backers realize that there are no FFB settings for wheels?
    Did SMS remove the wheel FFB settings just before release?
    Was there no demand for wheel car setups?
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  3. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    Iam a tester for both games and after tweaking my wheel setup I find both games very detailed and quit similar.
    You should read some of the many wheel setup threads already going or msg bmanic for assistance....I assure you pcars feels nothing like grid autosport :)
    Triple screen support is apparently in the works.
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  4. That doesn't make any sense. Gamepads have no FFB (unless you count "rumble" as FFB). The FFB is of course designed for steering wheels - what else would it be for? There are plenty of settings for to adjust FFB, and SMS didn't remove anything, on the contrary they added a lot of FFB setting in the menus.
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  5. Try the M3 GT4, best car I've tried so far. Very similar to the M235i in AC, just put a bit more diff power lock and you're good to go. (and fix your FFB !)
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  6. What on earth are you talking about. The FFB has so much more adjustability compared to other titles like R3E. You obviously haven't tried it. You obviously have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. It's too complex for most people but if you take the time to learn what each of the adjustments do it's superb. It was developed for the PC first and consoles later.
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  7. Here we go again.
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  8. You should have stopped right there.:rolleyes:
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  10. xnorb


    Calm down guys, all easy, nobody hurt.

    I just quote what people write all over the internet :)
  11. It's bad .... real bad .... triple screen support is in the works ... on a full driving game that took 1000 years to create ... I will never buy anything from these guys again... its utterly crap
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  12. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I was very sceptical at first and I was expecting absolutely zero, however after properly setting up my FFB and giving the game a fair chance I am sold.
    The game is more forgiving than for example rfactor but the cars I tried (mainly gt3) felt great. Very detailed ffb as well.
    The net code feels good, close racing is possible and you can even bumper draft in GT's.
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  13. its not quite an arcade game nor is it a sim ... the graphics are not as good as I was expecting and the physics and FFB are god awful ... when you are used to racing hardcore sims, "playing" this is so bland .. quiclkly you dont care about how pretty the mountains are and focus on the feeling of floating over the track
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  14. Floating, no floating here, learn how to tune your FFB and drive something other than a modern GT3 that comes equipped with driving aids and uber sticky tires.
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  15. I race Assetto Corsa, Rfactor, Game Stockcar Extreme, Richard Burns Rally, Raceroom, and Lately Dirt Rally, with no driving aids ... this title is utter garbage, how would you suggest I tune my FFB .. I have tuned my G27 and it the feeling is not great ... sure I understand you need to play and fiddle with all FFB settings with all racing titles .. but the base feeling on this title is very disappointing .. and a number of really well respected Sim Racer Vloggers think the same ... this is for people who think GT is the best think since silced bread ....
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  16. I race all those also. And you need to learn that gMotor2 physics isn't the most accurate. Not by a long shot.
    And not all Sim Racing loggers would agree with you. I've already seen videos stating the opposite of your opinion.
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  17. Look I am probally being a little harsh ... it was just a shock after downloaded a game that was in early release beta testing for nearly 2 years .. having seen countless pretty videos of racing in the rain .... I was expecting at the very least a fun game rather than a sim but was hoping for another sim .... I understand I need to tweak the settings ... but is there any standard advice for the ingame settings ? ... also not fully supporting 3 screens for a title that wants to be seen as serious driving title is just shoddy in my eyes ... my very first experience of this was literally like driving on LCD..... I'll no doubt play around with the settings again and try and give the offline career a go .. which is what I really bought this thing for
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  18. the floating feeling i didnt like either but its mostly correctable, try something like this in car setup

    master spindle: 40 (default 26)
    x-50/60 (default 100)
    y-50/60 (default 100)

    this greatly increases the vertical FFB meaning you can feel road detail, will let you feel curbs, bumps in the track, etc thru the wheel.
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  19. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    RRe has the worse physics and ffb I've every played in a current sim.. Pcars is on another level...

    pcars is good ignore the elitists!!
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  20. I was also expecting more. The graphics aren't that good even on the 'ultra' setting, there are weird twinkly bits in tree shadows and the cars look like they are floating sometimes (and feel like it too). I resent having to go to night-school to learn how to set up the ffb on my wheel. The menu navigation with a wheel is mental. There are bits I still haven't worked out how to access yet - lots of wheel mouse keyboard confusion. The car setup menu is particularly strange and when trying to adjust the front ARB it also adjusts the toe and something else I can't remember at the same time...?!* Nasty twitchy handling without assists, very end-swappy. The traction control setting is all backwards and a mission to turn off - why is it even there on a Mk1 Escort?
    ...back to AC.
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