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Project CARS Logitech G25/G27 settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Bram, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Central thread for Logitech G25/G27 owners that are looking for the best settings for Project CARS.
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  2. Hi,

    Total novice when it comes to racing sims. I have played Assetto Corsa a lot but only doing laps, no actual racing.

    When I calibrate my wheel in Project Cars it sets it at 900 degrees, I find the handling weird since you have to turn the wheel excessively to go round simple corners which doesn't feel natural.

    Does anyone know a good set of settings for the G27 (without 900 degrees) and why do people use 900 degrees when it feels unnatural?

    I don't drive but can't say I've ever seen my partner having to turn the wheel that much to get round a corner.
  3. its natural. if the in-game wheel matches your wheel, its setup properly, if for some reason its not turning as fast as your real life wheel, then there is something wrong.

    easiest way to change this (although again, it should be 99.9% the same as AC, maybe you are using a FWD car? suggest trying a different car..) is the 'steering ratio' setting in setups, set it faster & you will not have to turn the wheel as much.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    First of all let me start by saying that I don't recognize some of the complaints I read about the FFB in this game.

    I have made absolutely minimal changes and it all felt pretty much okay with me out of the box.

    Here are my Logitech G27 overall settings (same for G25) which you can set in windows via Start > Devices and Printers > G27 Racing Wheel. Right click > Game Controller Settings > Properties > Settings.

    Project Cars Logitech G27 Settings 01.jpg
    (If you prefer 900 degrees rotation only adjust the slider)

    In Game Setttings
    First of all select the proper Logitech G27 present and run the three calibrations with these settings
    Project Cars Logitech G27 Settings 02.jpg

    With the exception of the Steering Deadzone, i have set the other deadzones to 5% to prevent spiking.

    Overall Force Feedback reduced to 85%

    Project Cars Logitech G27 Settings 03.jpg
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  5. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    The only change I made for my G25 was to increase Tyre Force to 130 or 140%.

    FFB is fine. I can catch skids and feel when I'm losing grip (as evidenced by being able to keep that Caterham 500 on the track the other night!)
  6. Okay here are my settings:

    Logitech Profiler:



    I use the preset (Seperated wheel)
    You dont need to calibrate at all!
    The only thing i changed is the Force Feedback 85 --> 100, as you then get the full effect range
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  7. I'll give these a go, 900 degrees just doesn't work for me though, I'm guessing it determines the rotation from calibration since if I skip this and just use the defaults I find it more useable.

  8. My G27 settings:

    Logitech Profiler: Same as Bram (except I use 900 degrees).

    FFB at 100%
    Tyre Force at 75%
    Deadzone Removal Range: 0.18

    Note1: I measured my FFB deadzone using Wheelcheck at 100% strength, this gave me a minimum force of 16%. I added a little bit more and ended up with 0.18 for DRR.
    Note2: The FFB value in Project CARS overrules the strength setting in the LT profiler if you allow the game to override settings. This also means that any > 100 value is no longer possible.
    Note3: On my wheel, minimum force required increases at lower FFB strength. At 85% (default in Project CARS), my FFB deadzone is a whopping 33% (measured using Wheelcheck)!

    Taking these notes into account, I'm not surprised by many complaints people have, because on certain wheels it means you're basically missing all the low-end feel (kerbs, bumps, etc) at the default 85% strength. You can of course try to compensate with tyre force, but this will also lead to clipping on the top end. It's better to set FFB at 100 and modify TF accordingly. As always, use the FFB meter in the telemetry HUD to see if you're clipping and you're getting all the FX.
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  9. I have used this video to setup my G27 and i got some great results until those settings from Jack came along:

    <mod-edit: videos go in racetube>
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  10. If I had to only make one change to the default FFB settings, it would be to lower the global FFB setting Tire Force (try 75-80 to start). That can bring out more detail with almost every car in one adjustment.
    Beyond that, referring to Jack Spade's Tweaker Files can provide a good baseline to build on once you understand what the various sliders do (TF & FFB @100%).
  11. What's the difference between G27 Combined pedals vs the Separate pedals, is the former for G27 pedals, while the latter if using another brand pedals (ex. Fanatec Elite pedals or clubsports)?
  12. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    I have a G27 wheel and pedals, the pedals have been modded with hall sensors and using a Leo Bodnar cable adaptor, they work with Assetto Corsa (though sometimes when starting for the first time after a reboot I do not get any accelerator, brake and clutch. I usually restart AC or calibrating using Leo Bodnar cable settings and presto they are all there ) However with PCARS I only get accelerator and brake in PCARS settings when calibrating I press the pedals, only the accelerator and clutch register to 100 but nothing on the brake!
    Anyone have any Ideas? Maybe it is time to open up the pedals and have a look at the sensors but I find it odd that AC works and PC doesn't!
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  13. Bram Hengeveld, thank you very much. I use your settings, with deadzones on pedals. And i increase tyre force at 130%. Work good for me!
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  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    When you tick the box to combine them both the throttle and the brake pedal are on the same axis which you really want to avoid in sims. If you let them operate separately you can use both at the same time.
  15. I see, thanks. BTW, why (or in what case) would one want to combine, for the G27?
  16. Fantastic post! The deadzone removal is absolutely necessary for the G27 and for me made all of the difference in the world. I was about to dump this game and realized that I forgot to do this!
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  17. Weird that after I rechecked, I had my G27 set as Combined pedals, but I didn't have any problems with pedals working separately. Or was it because I use the Clutch as my brake pedal (left-foot braking)? Nonetheless, I just re-set the wheel to separate pedals.
  18. If the sensors are using a different axis than normal, you might need to assign the axis first before calibration. Can you edit the current pedal assignment and assign the axis?
  19. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    I feel a bit stuuuupid!, as Clarkson would say. When I tried to get this going I had looked a the "EDIT ASSIGNMENTS" tab and clicked onto the brake parameter, I did not realise that I just had to push the pedal to assign it. I had a brain fart and was expecting something like " Push the pedal/button now" message, and thought I had missed something!
  20. Can't seem to find an answer to this problem
    Have a G27, calibrate wheel/Force feedback edit assignments etc all works fine.
    Next time start game up none of it has been saved and have to do it all again
    should there be a settings file for this in my Docs?