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Project CARS is very good SIM

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by HSken, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    I have been sim racing since my 16 (now 28), TOCA Race driver, richard burns rally with my brand new Logitech Momo, I have played almost all race/rally game out there.
    Rfactor, GTR 1/2, Race 07, all the colin, GT Legends, F1 2010-2011, IRacing, you name it.

    I have bought rFactor 2 and CARS, and I have to say they bought feel realy good, but the looks and sound of CARS are amazing! Its almost like real.
    What I also like is that every week you get a new build and its is better and better each time.

    Believe me its becoming the best sim game out there ever!

    If you like to drive on pc and have a good wheel just try it your self, its only 10€ for Junior memeber ship, thats cheap : http://forum.wmdportal.com/toolpacks.php

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  2. Hehe much follow up here.
    Sorry just joking. Thought it was quite funny when i scrolled through this section. :p
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  3. I believe its a very good simulator in your oppinion. :)
    Others may disagree but thats life. ;)
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  4. I started sim racing in 2009....but I do own

    GTR2 demo
    RACE07/GTR Evo/RACEON+most expansions+GTR2 and GTL car packs etc
    F1 2010/11
    Ferrari FVA
    Game Stock Car
    I also tried iracing for 6months.

    Atm, pcars feels more like Dirt3, which is quite arcade, but pcars probably has better brakes, but to call it a sim seems absurd IMO.

    For me at least, the two most convincing sims are RACE07+Evo and Game Stock Car, but that's based off the physics, FFB and overall controllability, which I always thought was the most obvious way to judge a sim....
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  5. The truth is that from the beginning SMS say crearly project cars will be not a full sim like iracing netkar or rf but a step below, this mean that pcars is a sim for all people who wants to drive on pc or console, for me is so clear...
  6. Not from the beginning. :)
    First they always said it was gonna be a full on sim. Only in the lastest autosport magazine Bell said it was going to be Forza/GT5 for the masses.
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  7. It depends of what begin, I want to mean from when the people were able join the project, there was a chart where project cars was between gt5/fm4 and iracing/gtr2

    This one:

  8. Mapu


    Ivo's statement is true. Think back when Need for Speed: Shift and Shift2 were about to be released, commercials spread, Mr. Bell talking about having the most advanced physics engine. What I question is, why wouldn't you take such an "incredible" engine to your own advantage instead of washing it down to a arcade/semi-arcade, or simcade (whatever this means) level, is beyond my understanding.

    How many times was the "simulator" part of Shift2 advertised? What was the headline? "This is real racing"? Elite Mode? Anyone? lol

    Sorry, but I'm strongly convinced that PCARS is heading down the same road as its precursor and its descendant.

    Giovanni, this chart is insignificant. Where are the important variables? I could draw you something else and make you believe. Funny though, reading the headlines makes Project Cars a real-sim. :laugh:
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  9. I've not seen that chart before, I'd place PCARS in between Shift 2 and GT5 at the moment, although pCARS does somethings better than GT5 such as suspension movement, and somethings worse like the steering precision.

    GTR2/Iracing although rather slippery, still overall has far more convincing car behaviour and FFB.

    You could almost create another category after that, with Game stock Car, Netkar/FVA, and maybe Rfactor 2, even Rfactor 1 with the best realfeel mods such as HistorX. Although I still feel these games are a bit too slippery around the limits and during recovery compared to reality, but PCARS is too much the other way and the tyres feel like road tyres with low PSI during cornering, although this is possibly related to the steering precision/directness issue.

    Regarding the initial aims of the project, "full on sim" was mentioned many times by the devs, and still is to this day if you read comments by devs/mods/mangaers about making PCARS having the most realistic physics upon completion, although the same was said with Shift2, although you could tell from taking the first corner that this wasn't the case.
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  10. Anyway i think pcars will never be a full sim like iracing or netkar pro, but will be an enjoyable car game with wonderful graphic
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  11. Thanks for that picture Giovanni, I remember seeing that list when pcars first opened up for business back in october. I dont think they ever claimed it would be a full on hardcore sim, dont know where that came from. I've been testing build 197 and i am really impressed. Some of the cars are a little wonky still but taking the a4 around spa seemed really convincing. I have also been running the radical around road america and really enjoying it. Even had a moment of snap steering which veered me off into the wall for an exciting crash. There are some that complain of input lag, but that could just be their settings. I have a video of my wheel with the on screen wheel and there is clearly no input lag if anyone wants to see it. I will say that i have had a much better experience since upgrading my graphics card to a 2gb 6850. Maybe a lot of the input lag some are experiencing has more to do with fps than a software issue.
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  12. It's not "between", it's so big that it covers both areas :alien:
  13. we can talk about that for hours and hours, what is clear for me from the beginning is that pcars is not a full sim and it will be not ever
  14. I think the engine probably is more advanced than simbins for ex, but because Shift1/2 were drift mobiles that also had various issues, they're probably at a stage where for the first time, they're trying to build a fair dinkum road track model, so that's the process of calibrating the engine to synchronize with typical control devices{wheels}, and it seems reasonable given the time frame, that they should accomplish that.....but, what choices will the dev/community make regarding the final driving model.

    This is the concern I have, and I suspect what most sim racers also worry about.
    Another thing that worries me regarding the final status of pcars is that when WMD advocates discuss other sims, they focus on the worst sim cars and use that as justification to support their "real sim driving model".
  15. You calling it a "sim" becouse of the sound and look of it? Probably you didn't race enought, try again race 07 and let me suggest you nkpro too, they are real simulators.
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  16. Peter

    who cares Premium

    It's the best Sim ( if it's the only game you have and play it with a gamepad ).
    Switching from pCars to GSC, Race07 or GTR2 scares the hell out of me.
  17. The fact that you still drive that netcode riddled turd known as gtr2 scares the hell out of me. I drive pcars just fine with a wheel and I imagine most of the members do. There arent many non simracers on wmd because casual racers wouldnt be aware of this, so your gamepad defense (or offense) doesnt hold up very well.

    While I dont think pcars is the best sim (thats ridiculous) it's certainly not as terrible as you make it out to be.
  18. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I would guess Peter was referring to physics, rather than netcode.
  19. I understand this. I just find it funny that people keep using gtr2 as a comparison and it's so old.
  20. Its still and will be better from pcars in terms of physics.
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