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Featured Project Cars gets three new Aston Martin models

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Alex Franchini, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. ss_83ce8360748ea27e2fec1af6b16f429d78043575.1920x1080.jpg New downloadable content, titled the "Aston Martin Track Pack", is now available for Project Cars.

    The DLC title is somewhat unassuming, since the pack contains not only 3 cars but also one new circuit with 5 layouts. As you can imagine, the Aston Martin pack brings new models from the British manufacturer: the 1959 DBR1, 2009 DBR1-2 and the 2014 Vantage GTE.

    The new track, Mojave, is set in the midst of the American desert with 5 different layouts and there's a "special" open test track.

    To get it on Steam, you'll have to fork over 5.49€, but those who don't feel like spending money can still enjoy some new content. Slightly Mad has also released the new monthly free car for Project Cars; the iconic 1952 Mercedes 300SL.

    Let us know your opinion in the comments!

    For more on Project Cars make sure to check out the forum or share your latest photos and videos in our sim racing gallery. Premium members can also join into the fun in our Project Cars Racing Club and leagues.
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  2. The Aston/Mojave is a reasonable DLC package for the price of $5.99 USD (Mojave looks good at sunset), But there's no way they're going to tempt me to get the Logitech Liveries pack for $3.49 USD, you can keep that one SMS.
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  3. Looks reasonable, but as Toads stated, they can shove the liveries up where the sun don't shine. Liveries should be free, even more so when they are advertising. ;)
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  4. I don't really understand the pricing structure on the liveries. You're giving us 3 new cars and a track for $5.99, yet for 6 paint schemes you want $3.50? It doesn't make sense. The liveries are far overpriced compared to the cost of the other DLC. Just my opinion of course.
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  5. I appear to own this already, but I have no idea why. I certainly didn't buy it, was this part of a preorder bonus or something?
  6. What tool pack level were you?
  7. Yes I agree selling liveries was one thing that turned off people concerning RRRE micro transactions plus with pCARS creative community there are hundreds of free liveries to download
  8. I was able to test the DBR1/300 and it is quite wonderful! Modern Day GTL quality. Now we need a D Type and a 250 Testa rossa. I would love it if someone would do the Cunningham C4 as well as their other models. That would be the icing on the cake.
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  9. I can't afford the new DLC yet, but I'll be getting it as soon as I can!
    The new Merc 300SL tho, that thing is SWEET!!
    Drove it for about 1/2 hr yesterday, and it took some getting used to. Typically boat-like for cars of that era. You can feel the lack of power steering.
    But once I got used to it, BOY is it a fun car!! And gorgeous to boot!
    Thx SMS
    as others have said, forget paying $3.50 us for livery packs. that's just crazy.
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  11. Best DLC pack they could have given me. The prototype is my favorite. Anyway April if they gave you the DLC for your tool pack level which they said they6 would do time to time just enjoy it.
  12. The liveries are free. Bandai and/or Steam goofed up for a moment - that was discovered and corrected in a matter of hours.