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Project CARS Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Rob Simms, May 10, 2015.

  1. Updated 7/22/2015 (CSR / DFGT ingame)

    Jack Spade (66% SopLateral 1.7)

    Wheel Settings GT3 / CSR / DFGT
    Sen 900 or OFF / 900 or OFF / 900 DOR
    FF 100 / 100 / 100 OES
    Sho OFF / OFF
    dri off / off
    Abs 65-70 / 65-70 (CSR pedals clutch/brake inverted)
    Lin 0 / 0
    dea 0 / 0
    spr off / off / 0 SES
    dpr off / off / 0 DES
    Check 0 CSS
    Check Allow Game

    Ingame (66% SopLateral 1.7)
    FFB 100
    Tire Force (GT3 User Preference / CSR 10 (Patch 2.5) /
    DFGT 9 (Patch 2.5) with non-stock DFGT motor

    Deadzone Removal Range 0 / 0 / .05
    Relative Adjust Gain 1.10
    Relative Adjust Bleed 0.10
    Relative Adjust Clamp 0.95
    Scoop Knee .70
    Scoop Reduction .15
    Soft Half 1.29
    Soft Full 1.10
    Low Speed Spring Saturation .17 DFGT

    Post from PCARS forum
    Jack Spade (66% SopLateral 1.7) Wheel Settings DFGT
    (or see below post #1767)
    900 DOR
    100 OES
    0 SES
    0 DES
    Uncheck 0 CSS (if you play other games this can be checked)
    Check Allow Game

    Reset wheel Ingame works with 99-100/900 (Note almost the same settings with CSR)
    Custom (not Default or Classic Tire Force is too strong!)
    Tire Force 9 (Patch 2.5) with non-stock DFGT motor
    (Adjust for preference)
    Deadzone Removal Range .05 (.00 CSR) Edit:8/1/2015 forgot about Karts DFGT .04Relative Adjust Gain 1.10
    Relative Adjust Bleed 0.10
    Relative Adjust Clamp 0.95
    Soft Half 1.29
    Soft Full 1.10
    Low Speed Spring Saturation .17
    (Adjust for preference with car stopped)
    Edit: Steering Gain based off my wheel, 9 TF is 3, 15 TF is 2, and 29 TF for 1. (1.5) seems to produce better feel on my wheel.

    Adjust for tire force and low speed spring saturation for feel! Example: Try to make the BMW 1-Series M Coupe, Ford Focus RS, or Mercedes A45 AMG feel as close as you can to your personal vehicle. Remember: "Superman ffb doesn't mean that you are getting things correct. You are probably losing key elements of the car ffb." Remember to thank Jack for his work! Edit:7/25/2015 see video at 7:55

    Edit: FFB Motors in wheels. When it comes to the cheap brushed motors that are used in most wheels until now. We have the problem of my 9 could be 4 to 15 for someone else and with severe wear it could be ex: 30+. The DFGT under normal wear will probably have a 2-3 yr motor life span. Rally Games will increase the wear of these motors. I have been though G25 and DFGT motors. I refuse to use the CSR or GT3 with a rally, so my primary wheel of choice is the DFGT.

    Last edited: Aug 1, 2015
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  2. updated
  3. Rob, assuming you have a GT3RSv2, do you feel a strong centering spring like effect once moving roughly above 40mph and so much so that it feels like there is a notch at the center of the wheel's rotation?
  4. I will check to see, but also try between these settings for deadzone removal.
    Fanatec 911 GT3 RS v1: 0.06
    Fanatec GT2: 0.11
    If not we might have some work with gain adjusments. I have not tested it, since being updated on the exact ffb settings other than tire force preference for the wheel. I will update asap.
  5. Edit: Anyone with a GT3RSv2 or CSR wheel should try the changes that made a night and day difference with my wheel so much so the PCars FFB is now coming close to GSCE and RF2.

    Deadzone Removal Range : .09 / default was .00
    Deadzone Removal Falloff : .10 / default was .01 (this setting most important with these wheels)

    I have had my deadzone removal range set for months already at .09 after using wheelcheck 1.72 but it was impossible to tell the difference because of the serious heavy bump in the center when turning either way and crossing the wheel's center point.

    Last night I just started moving sliders one at time all the way down and then all the way up. This went on for a while until I finally got to "Deadzone Removal Falloff" (no to be confused with Deadzone Removal Range, it's the slider just below this) which was at .01 by default so I turned it down to .00 and it got worse so I turned it up to .07 and almost got rid of the center bump in the wheel so I turned it all the way up to .10 and it is great. I call really feel the tires loading now that there is no hard bump in the center to get past as it is fluid motion now like it should be.

    It now feels just as smooth and progressive around the center as GSCE and Rfactor 2. I hated the FFB before but now I really like it and can begin with fine tuning in the per car FFB settings to get it just where I want it.
    Last edited: May 26, 2015
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  6. I just tested with DFGT and added from .03 deadzone to .05. But, I change to (Jack Spade 66% SopLateral) Setting up GT3 to test. Once this is set it should be fine for all cars:D!
  7. after 2.5 patch update