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Project Cars computer specs

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Lancey, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. just inquiring wether my computer will handle Project Cars at medium/high or high/ultra. These are my computer specs as far as I know:
    Windows 7
    I7 2600 CPU
    16gig Ram (not sure of brand)
    GTX 760 GPU
    240/250gig SSD HD
    1TB HD (z drive)
    Bluray DVD
    Would I need to upgrade anything?
    Thanks to all your info
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  2. Well, it really depends on what you want from pCars. Eye candy will cost you but if you're for driving experience (where all you need to see is track and cars in front of you and not individual leaves on trees passing by), you're on the safe side for medium/high right now. I have the same I7, 16GB and a rather obsolete 570GTX and i'm happy. I don't get 100fps, but 40-50 are just enough for me.
  3. Thanks Andrej.
  4. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    Your fine I have the same cpu and similar setup, before I made the mistake of selling my gtx 670 2gb for an amd r9 290 I was running triple screens on high setting and getting 45 + fps at race start with 20 Ai 60+ fps in race once everyone spread out. Now I get 20 fps at race start with 10 Ai and 40 -50 fps during race on medium With crossfire :(
    Add another card for sli, but don't go red unless amd gets around to optimizing the drivers for this title. from what I've experienced if you play multi Sims the amd cards are sad let really under preforming in most of the modern Sims, the only 2 that run very well for me are iracing and rf2 where AC, rre and pcars are less than impressive when it comes to races with more than 10 opens otherwise ok for hot lapping.
    Also remember I have triple screens which are effecting my numbers but non the less nvidia has the advantage at the moment.
  5. I will not be upgrading my computer for a long time to come. Can't afford it plus I'm a pensioner. By the way I have a 27" screen so my com specs should be ok with medium to high settings then.
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  6. Lancey, you will be using a wheel, right? You didn't mention the type of controller you'll be using, but if anything, you'll get the best experience using a wheel, not gamepad or even keyboard.
  7. Andrej.
    Yes I will be using a wheel plus pedals. T300RS with Club sports V2 pedals and TH8A shifter.
  8. Great choice of weapons, that's my config too (well, without the shifter, i'm ok with paddles).
  9. PaulH


    Now thats how to spend a pension ;):thumbsup:
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  10. No I brought all those items before I was granted a pension, all last November, pension in December.
    Three yrs ago I nearly died from a blood clouts next to my heart(gave me 24hrs to live) so I decided to get a hobby and I liked sim racing games. Haven't tried online racing yet but will soon.
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  11. Oh man, what a way to spend free time:D:thumbsup:. I envy you, i have my simracing time limited to latenight hours if i don't have work to do for the next day (in IT bussines, workday never ends).