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Project CARS - comparision, benchmark thread

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by rauf00, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Does graphics settings and other affect input lag and fluid gameplay feeling? Check which graphics settings cause best Project CARS experience.

    Part 1 - from Ultra to Off settings in same conditions: 1080p, rain + 20 AI's.

    Project CARS final version, best FPS and FRAMETIME low lag settings - PC graphics comparition

    Number of opponents cars impact on FPS and frametimes benchmark.

    Part 2 how 5-10-20-30-39 cars on track affect fluidity of gameplay in 1080p. Full test conditions described under vid.

    Project CARS | NUMBER of OPPONENTS CARS impact on FPS and FRAMETIME | PC benchmark


    Par 3 weather, from sunny thru stormy to foggy on short Nurburgring circuit in same settings: 1080p, rolling start, 2 pm, all graphical options maxed/ultra.

    Project CARS | all WEATHER CONDITIONS impact on FPSact and FRAMETIME | PC benchmark


    PS hope it's ok to publish it here (already in Racetube section) but i quess topic is enough interesting and will be even more in next...8 days ;)

    PS 2 only 1 media allowed in post, if moderator can fix it, would be great.
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  2. Project CARS optimal settings for medium level PC
    i5 + 660 Ti

    Project CARS | BEST MID LEVEL PC settings | i5 3570k GTX 660 Ti | PC benchmark

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  3. Project CARS best settings for high end PC

    i5/i7 Haswell paired with single 7xx/9xx series cards like 780/780Ti/970/980.

    Project CARS | BEST HIGH END PC settings | i7 4770/4790K GTX 780/970/980 | PC benchmark

    PS Have fun with Project CARS guys!
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  4. Unlike what people usually suggest, I highly recommend enabling v-sync if you get any kind of stuttering. V-sync is unfortunate and bad for really low latency but at least for my computer it is absolutely needed for Project CARS (I have it disabled for all other games). The only way for me to get a silky smooth frame rate. Just make sure you set the graphics so that you can have constant locked 60fps.
  5. @bmanic I've checked your proposal, and as for me less advanced visuals plus higher frame rate with fps cap work best.

    Anti-aliasing comparison, which one to choose in Project CARS.

    My pick with single card would be HIGH + FXAA HIGH, with SLI DS2M + FXAA HIGH.

    Project CARS | AntiAliasing comparision best FPS | MSAA vs DS2X vs DS2M vs FXAA vs SMAA chart 1440p

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  6. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

    Guys, how do I cap the fps?

    In general, I'm not able to run ANY sim I have with vsync off (R3E, iRacing, AC). The same with pcars.
  7. You can cap the frame rate with a command line option in Steam.

    Copied from the pCars official forums:

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  8. As @bmanic said, in command line, i cant see here so:

    -fpscap xxx

    -fpscap 91

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  9. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

    Thank you!
  10. My optimised 3xLCD settings, ready for +20 opponents, on any track and weather proof.

    02:57 summary of benchmarks results + settings

    -shakes (option) gives few more fps, like 3
    -blur on/off no difference
    -NV FXAA cheap and nice results
    more in description
  11. Thanks. Where do you set FXAA HIGH? In NV profile, it's only on/off. (Using single 970)
  12. And now who will start the test with AMD cards :roflmao:. Your test isnt representative cause AMD cards has more ever performance impact with same settings and same class of videocard.