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Misc Project Carmen 4.0

A graphics mod by GTAce

  1. GTAce submitted a new resource:

    Project Carmen - A graphics mod by GTAce

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  2. I find this brings some interesting saturation that albeit not realistic, it is just damn quite sexy.
  3. This mod spoils center console in cars
  4. Way too dark on my rig - like a day-for-night filter. All shadow detail...gone!
  5. If you're experiencing issues after today's patch, you have to re-install the mod.
    Regarding the darkness issues: It seems to be different on every monitor.
    There's a brightness setting in the PP's .ini file, almost at the bottom. Change the value to 1.2 or 1.4 if it's too dark for you.
  6. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Just downloaded it and will try after finishing my reinstall of the whole game, wishing to start this V1.0 from a clean install.

    I always used your "GTAce_Balanced4" effects with much pleasure since the time I downloaded it.
    Both are now very different but may surely be used according to the personal taste according to the track or time of day you're driving on.

    I'll post again ... in a few days for my appreciations. ;)
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  7. I'm already working on a filter add-on pack, which should include something for most tastes.
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  8. First thing I did after today's update was of course testing my mod. It doesn't work in v1.1! If people are interested, I'll update it to the new file structures etc. but if there's not enough response, consider it dead for now.
  9. I'm using your mod as of now with success... although with regular sky. I'd be interested in having a couple variations if you make them, no matter if you release them officially or not.
    I'm using 79 % saturation in the in game graphic settings, looks more neutral to me. Maybe the darks are a tad on the dark side for my taste. I'm guessing it makes the road textures look crisper but losing some detail in darker skinned cars and in some places of the background.
  10. I just found it recently and love it, it's working after a rewrite in 1.0.5. Maybe 1.1 won't break it after all? I hope to continue using this, I've been fiddling for weeks trying to the gfx right and this mod helped me achieve what I wanted.
  11. Yeah, it works again after the patch back to 1.0.5.
    I already decided to rework the whole thing again for 1.1, with new tweaks for the coming weather pre-sets etc.

    Thanks for the kind words!
  12. Dude you rock! If you don't post something about this mod on /r/simracing and /r/assettocorsa I will! I have a couple of video projects in the works but have clips and screenshots I can show now.
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  13. Haha, I'm not a redditor, but spread it as you like, I don't mind. :)
    There are so many graphics mods out there, including some with much more "publicity" that I'm not sure anymore how good my work actually is.
  14. I'm not an image professional but I am an enthusiastic hobbiest with a high quality 27" PLS monitor and I couldn't get the look of my AC right until I used your mod with PP filter Alt1 and colour saturation at 90%, sweetfx on. The results are very pleasing. Here's a random screenshot http://i.imgur.com/ZEUDGaS.jpg I say random because that quality is reproducable, it's just a fraps screenshot of a paused replay, no fancy photo mode jiggery-pokery! Oh yeah, previously I tried a standard reshade sweetfx profile and JonZ's Inanimate Carbon Mod which I was a bit displeased with, the performance hit was a little severe(depending on filter) and the looks didn't warrant it in my opinion. I'd be interested in learning more about how display rendering, shaders etc all work and how to manipulate them, like you do, are there any handy resources for learning? I'm hoping that 1.1 drops soon and we can see what they've done with the graphics, could be very interesting, I do hope you'll be able to provide us with alternatives anyway though. If they haven't done much with the lighting then we're gonna need you bro!
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  15. I felt the same about most other mods, that's why I made my own in the first place. I really can't stand that bleached, bloomy look most guys create for some reason. There are resources for sure, but I basically learned that by my own. I already made some ENBSeries and SweetFX stuff for rFactor, so I knew how these programs work, the rest is simple trial and error. :)
  16. So what do you think of the 1.1 patch? Some major improvements to the default setup I think. You have anything up your sleeve? :D
  17. I'm currently working hard on it. I also have some sound projects holding me up a bit, so it'll take some time.
  18. I'm delighted to hear it! And obviously, don't stress about it if you have other work. I started using Reshade and someone elses sweetfx preset for Elite Dangerous and love the results so I think I'll muck about with AC, I'm trying to familiarise myself with all the various effects and shaders that are available, their parameters and how changing them manifests itself in the image. It's.... an education! Hahaha, I'm just happy I invested in a nice ips monitor now :) Take your time boss but when you have something could you give me a heads up here so I know right away? I'm making videos now and anything of yours that I use will always be credited and linked. All the best!
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  19. Some previews:
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