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Profiler doesn't load new profile with key assignments

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Roman5, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. I've bought and installed a brand new Logitech DFGT wheel (which works great) but can't get the profile I created with custom keystroke mapping to load. I just want the ability to use the wheel to pause, scroll and go to restart without using the keyboard but I don't like the fixed buttons which are used for my wheel in the preset menu, except the D pad for scrolling.

    The presets for the DFGT ingame works with various buttons on the wheel doing their preset functions. I'm now using the custom wheel settings, not the presets. I've since created a profile in the logitech profiler, pointing to the F1 2010.exe and I've mapped some keystrokes. Once I've selected the F1 2010 profile and launched the game, my keystroke assignments aren't there. For instance, I did a keystroke of ENTER on the playstation X button on the right of the wheel, and I mapped my keyboard up and down keys to the D pad on the left of the wheel, so that I can scroll up and down while paused. But once ingame, nothing happens. On the preset ingame for my wheel, the D pad does scroll, so I know it can work. So why won't it load the profile? Do profiles not work with F1 2010 and if not, is there another way? Will I need to edit registry files?

    Also, messing around with spring settings, I seem to be able to adjust the strength of the centring spring from global settings, but the 'Specific Game Settings' don't seem to do anything.
  2. Have you tried manually editing your button preference's in the Logitech Driving Force GT USB file in Action map folder in the game that may help !
  3. Different wheel, but i have the same issue as you in that i have to use the keyboard more than i would like.
    Not tried the profiler so i will give it a go and see if it works or if i have same problem as you.
    Weird thing is, i can use the buttons and d-pad to control menus in Dirt 2, and i havent set anything to do this, so its strange its not there by default in F1.
  4. Only the preset works in menus :/ There s a way to modify it in windows, but i had problems with that also, so i just went back to preset.
  5. Well, as suggested by David Kaye, (thanks matey!) I edited C:\Games\Steam\Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2010\actionmap\Logitech Driving Force GT USB.xml by opening with notepad, and changed my button 9 to button 2 and it seems to work.

    <Action actionName="Pause">
    <Axis axisName="win_con_di_button2" deviceName="Logitech Driving Force GT USB" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" />
    <Axis axisName="win_key_escape" deviceName="Keyboard" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" />

    The rest of the xml doesn't seem so straightforward to edit, but I'll analyse it better later. Tbh, I only really needed to do the above alteration anyway, that puts everything under my thumb instead of going to the bottom of the wheel to the preset 'start' button to pause. So now I have a modified preset. :)
  6. Glad it worked Roman5 and you made a mod :D, the other values are for the steering, throttle ect all the number button's should be in the same section and as simple to change as you found, glad to be of service mate :D
    I just got my F430 and a few of the button's were in the wrong place so I remapped mine and it worked so assumed it would for other's as it did with my 360 controller, but CM did leave that re-map functionality out, why ? I don't know maybe they know better than me ha ha ha ha pfft ¬_¬
  7. Well, using the logitech profiler i set up the 4 diamond pattern buttons on my G27 to do up down left right, and 2 of the bottom red buttons to control 'esc' and 'return'. These are the things until now i had to use the keyboard for. I can confirm that these are working fine in the game now, with a custom profile where i have the d-pad still working the in car quick menu, and the clutch set as the brake pedal too. I havent had to use the g27 game preset to achieve this.

    Make sure you have the global profiler settings set to 'apply profiles to game automatically'.

    Does anybody know where your custom actionmap is kept? I would like to try and combine the way i have things set now, with the 'look to apex' head bobble cam.
  8. Which action map ? the game one's are in your game folder in a folder called actionmap for the steering wheel itself on your PC I don't know that I am afraid.
  9. When using a modded g27 actionmap file (so i look to apex) it only works if i select the in game g27 profile. When i go back to my custom wheel setup with everything how i like it, i lose the look to apex. So its a fair assumption that the g27 xml file in the actionmap folder is only used when you select the game preset for the g27, but i am using a custom edit described above. So im thinking if i am not using a predefined g27 actionmap, there must be an xml file which holds a custom setup, which could be tweaked to include the head bobble look to apex. But its not in the actionmap folder or any of my game profile folders in my docs.

    Thats probably as clear as mud but hopefully you know what i mean! Bottom line is, if using a g27 with custom mappings, where is the xml file.

    But im glad that my widows logitech profiler now lets me navigate the game menus, so thanks op for making me try it!
  10. That's interesting devilsixpence, so you're obviously getting the profiler to work ingame, whereas my doesn't unless I edit the actionmap. Yea I do have the global profiler settings set to 'apply profiles to game automatically'. I read this in bram's G25 settings thread:

    So I assumed F1 doesn't work with profiles and therefore the reason my custom settings don't show up via the profiler. Since you have yours working though, I might be doing something wrong.
  11. Dont know if it helps but here is a shot of my profiler..


    The rest of the controls, like the wheel buttons, D-pad for the in car quick menu and the clutch pedal for the brake are defined in the 'edit controls' menu in the game, hence I have a custom setup, not the g27 preset.

    Hopefully someone can advise where the custom actionmap is located.
  12. I was considering buying this one but sorta glad I didn't lol :D no offence intended
  13. Im sure its not the DFGTs fault, maybe a config issue.

    Ill tell you the proceedure i did with mine - it may help.

    In game - select your wheel from th presets, then edit the controls how you want them in the edit menu, leaving the keys you want to use for the menus unassigned. As you back out the edit menu, it should now tell you the profile is custom.
    Exit game.

    Profiler - setup a profile pointing at your F1 exe. Setup the keystroke/buton definitions as you want for Esc, Enter, left right up down. Double click the F1 profile in the top left and you will get a message saying to run the game (not sure i that step is required but thought id mention it anyway).

    Run the game and see if it works!
  14. Devilsixpence, you see the F1 icon of the racer holding his arms up next to your 'Play F1 2010' in your profiler screenshot? Well, take a look at my screenshot. If I double click on the bottom one with the icon, it comes up with the message above it. But if I click on the F1 2010.exe without the icon, that one works.
    Same thing happens if I load either into the logitech profiler. So in other words, I can't have the exe with the F1 icon in the 'Play F1 2010' box in the profiler. Do you think this could be the root of the problem? Am I the only one with two F1 2010.exes, only one of which launches the game?

    Ah, I missed above, it looks like you have two exe's as well?

    If I choose the preset for my wheel, there's no way it can be edited in the game. I have to switch it from the preset wheel to 'custom' to edit. You sure you edited your wheel's preset within the game?

    Ah! Now it works. You were right. I'm now able to get my assignments working via the profiler. Yes, I have to load the exe with the F1 icon, double click it, then launch the game from where I usually launch it via my steam icon on my taskbar. Thanks devilsixpence, sorted. :D

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  15. Wicked - glad you got it sorted mate!

    Thanks to you for making me get on and try it in the first place! Saves me a lot of leaning forward :p