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Problems with track (gray screen)

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Dux, May 13, 2013.

  1. Dux


    Greetings o/

    Recently i had a Championship at Barcelona at local City Mall in Skopje and at home i was testing all the time on the track we were going to race, as in live, it was Spanish GP

    So after installing and removing a mod i had problems with the MISS32.dll file, then i downloaded one and put both in system32 and in the game but still didnt worked.

    So re-installed whole game from scratch but now all tracks from the track pack of RFT 2012 DRS + KERS are working except Barcelona. I thought i have mixed something due to the testings i did but i found out that also Macau has the same problems as Barcelona.

    When i play those two tracks whole screen is gray, any solution ??
  2. Dux


    I solve the case

    The problem was with the RFT2012 V2 update of shaders etc and the order of installing.

    When u install it make sure u have applied him first then afterwards the tracks.

    Thanks to those who wrote me PM

    (this topic can be closed)
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  3. Thanks! I also have this problem only at Barcelona.

    Did you have to do a clean install, or can you just reinstall the tracks over the current ones again?
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  4. Dux


    U can try with that, i tried it did not worked for me ... u may be lucky

    So, i didn't understood what exactly triggers that problem but i can give some options at best, its either from not installing correctly, since with the patch of V2 now is working and was before. It might be due to the directX drivers or some plugins who knows. Whatever!

    Just try to delete everything! From ControlPanel first - then what remains. I mean all of it.

    Then u go and download 1.255c LITE, since now i am using another way of installing mods. I install rFactor for each new mod. Before i had 10 mods on one rFactor.

    So u do that, get that lite instalation which is 200mb, clean, and install the mod on it, it will be separate and u will be able to experiment a lot with each mod, if its not working u just apply the mod over the files and is fixed.

    U install RFT mod then V2 patch and in the end put the track packs for RFT2012 + DRS and KERS

    try that and write after i am waiting for u what u have done

    i hope i helped :/

  5. Thanks man! However, I installed F1RFT 2012's tracks with F1WCP 2012 mod, and the only track that gives me this issue, is also Barcelona. Weird...

    I also copied over Barcelona from my F1RFT rFactor install folder, to totally replace the one on the F1WCP 2012 folder, but it did not change.

    But since it's only Barcelona, I don't really care as I do not need it soon :D Would just really have liked to fix it anyway, but oh well.
  6. Dux


    I was exactly like you and i did let it go, but it was 15minutes later that i got pissed off and got back and killed every file and started from scratch! :D I couldn't stand something not working and me not being able to understand it WHY IS THAT SO!

    Try re-installing i say 99% will work, though the 1st time i did that it didn't worked again but somehow i did it later, i am pretty much sure it is from the graphic settings in the beginning and DISPLAY section in the game, try - experiment a bit u will do it ...
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