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Problems with my track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by wacha90, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I´m new to this, so this may be some kind of novice error. I´ve been working on my version of the Bilbao Urban Circuit from the 2005 World Series by Renault for Rfactor for a couple of days (for those that don´t know, Bilbao is in the Basque Country, northern Spain). So I created the track, used the Rfactor AIW Cam editor to create pit lane, garage, grid and AI. I had a couple of problems that I soon solved. Now it´s near total completion, and i´m testing it, but i can only enter test session. When I click race weekend (after like 5 minutes of loading) the monitor view appears but I can´t do anything with it. Furthermore, when looking at the bottom right corner window (the one with your car on it) i can only see a black screen with some gray lines with the shape of my car.

    I´ve done extensive test sessions and had no problems, only some driving mistakes hehe. Does anyone know what could cause this? The AIW editor said that some pit spots did not fit with existing garage spots, or something similar, but i´ve tested most garage starting spots and they seem to work fine. Could that be the problem? Thank you for your help.
  2. It may be a problem with garage locations, when you do a test session your car is always placed in first garage spot, but in race it is placed randomly.
    By what you say about the black screen it sounds like the car is either floating or stuck in the ground.
  3. hi, did you use pause mode when recording garage spots?, it s really strange.


    PD . estoy deseando ver el cicuito de Bilbaoooooo ;) translation : Im waiting for it impatienly, cause, I m from Bask Country too, and I know the city
  4. Thanks, guys, I think i just solved the problem. The thing is that I don´t really know what I did, i just reassigned all garage spots and smoothened terrain. I suppose that was the problem. Now I´m having another one, when going into the pits, mechanics suddenly disappear, and if I call for a pit stop inside pit lane, mechanics won´t do a thing. I can´t change fuel or tyres, not to mention repairing. I´ve set pit spots several times and redone the whole pit lane and still I can´t get the mechanics to work, which is fairly frustrating. I don´t know if I´m doing something wrong, or if there is something I haven´t done yet. You guys know something about that? Thanks again.

    For ALVAZ: El circuito en si está, lo que falla es tener de fondo Bilbao, me refiero a que el circuito podría estar en cualquier sitio, puesto que soy nuevo en esto y no se hacer una ciudad de fondo, por no hablar de que me llevaría meses modelar todo eso jeje. He hecho una pequeña modificación en las curvas 3 y 4. En la realidad ambas eran de izquierdas, y daban paso a la recta del puente de Deusto, pero las he hecho ambas de derechas, para evitar el puente que no sabía como hacerlo. Así que la recta se mantiene, pero desplazada. El resto del circuito es igual al real. Es una pena que el circuito sea urbano, porque es más dificil de hacer parecido, sobre todo la cuidad y los puentes. Pierde encanto el no ver q pasas por el puente de Euskalduna, sino que simplemente es un trozo de pista vallado con su forma. Trataré de hacerlo lo más parecido posible, pero me va a costar horrores.
  5. hi, wacha, in rfactor mechanic dont move, or I have not ever seem them moving, like in F1 challenge, its a pity.

    Doing the AI file is sometimes quite laborious!!,

  6. Have you got the Pit In and Pit Out gates in the right place?

    It's crossing the Pit In gate that triggers the mechanics and [I think] crossing the Pit Out that removes them.
  7. All right gotta check that, maybe I switched them without noticing, thanks for your time
  8. Hi guys, thanks for all your help. I´ve pretty much managed to set the track properly. I just wanted to say that work on this track is on standby now, because I have to take lots of exams on september (aeronautical engineering is tough) and I´ve abandoned studies for too long. I will resume work after exams, around September 15th. Thanks again for your help and patience, I just hope you guys have a great summer. See you next October!!