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Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by Boby1610, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. I don't know how and why but since my Motogp 15 game returned to the 1.000 version
    I cannot change the helmets anymore. Because I do not master photoshop I used to replace the custom player helmets by others Xlite from other riders.

    I cannot do that anymore. Indeed when I repack the GFX files with the new Xlite helmets the size of the file goes from 182 763 Ko to 744 514 Ko
    I tried almost everything : search for updates (v1.001 or v.1.1) Uninstall/ install the game...
    I know how to use MIXFILE so i do not know where it comes from.

    Sorry in advance for the english and many many thanks for your help as I just cannot play with the original custom helmets (I know)

    Thank you (hope I posted it in the correct place)
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  2. Can you pack the gfx file? I can't understand if you can't pack the file or the game crash to desktop or something else..
  3. Thank you for your answer,

    Yes I can pack the GFX file. When I do so, the game launch no problem.
    But when I go into rider customization the rider don't appear anymore.
    When I go into carreer I can see a grey helmet with no texture on it. So as you can imagine when I launch the race it crashes...

    I noticed that when I pack the new GFX.MIX its size is just 7 time bigger...
    Yet I always choose the right size (SBK X/V8) and choose "ommit root folder"
    Something else I noticed which now indicates me when it won't work is the tyres textures of the menu MM93 bike... However it has nothing to do with the files I change (only CUS_..DDS)

    So strange...
  4. First of all backup the GFX file.
    Then check the file extension of the image you edit, it's obvious but it should be the same as the original (.dds for most of them) and even the resolution should be the same.
    Check even the color palette scheme (RGB)
  5. The extension , the resolution and the color palette scheme must be the same, because I just take files from the game... I do not modify them.
    I simply replace the custom helmets by Xlite helmets of other riders that you can find in Moto2 Moto 3 and Motogp.mix

    So I don't understand ...
  6. Is it possible you used the wrong .MIX-file type when re-packing your GFX file?
  7. If i understand correctly your issue is with the final gfx file size?

    "file goes from 182 763 Ko to 744 514 Ko"

    I use photoshop with helmets. And the file size has always been bigger with every file after compilation. For example the Data.mix file goes from 3,7 to 43 Mb...
  8. Hi, thank you all for your answers.

    I solved the problem which was pretty simple. I just forgot that I had to replace the CUS_001_HELMET_MASK, CUS_001_HELMET_N etc... for the new helmet to appear in the game.
    The problem is that I used to only copy/paste the CUS_HELMET_620_D (picture) for example

    Concerning the file size thank you swaty for your answer. No need to worry about the size so !

    Thank you all guys

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  9. [​IMG]
    I get an error when i pack new mixfile