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problems with lofty tool

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jmt137, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anybody has experienced any problems using the lofty tool to get google earth elevation into btb. I tried to using google earth make a track and have the shape done but when i use the lofty tool it tells me for every point there is an error and doesn't do anything. Is there a new lofty tool to try, is ther one built into BTB that i haven't found for this or is it the new google earth version 5?

    any help would be great.

  2. Did you used a closed path? If so try an open one. (or possibly visa versa)
  3. I have tried both but the error message when i read it more makes me think its a registry problem on my computer so I'll have to try to completeley remove google earth and reinstall it. below is a picture of the error message

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  4. uninstall GE, and reinstall. i have the simliar problem getting sketchup to find ge has i moved it to another drive.
  5. I'll give that a try, after the uninstall i went int the registry and found the leftover ge files and deleted them so I'll give it a try later on
  6. fxs


    hmmm lofty tool will not work with 0.7 ? :(
  7. Er, it does. Obviously it can't start with a btb file now, but it can still start with a kml from Google Earth.
  8. well, you can always elevate in in a old version of BTB, then import the elevated track into the latest version.
  9. well uninstalled google earth, and got rid of all thing google earth in the registry, reinstalled it but same error.

    i tried it with btb, could it be that i need an older version of btb to get it to work and if so how do i get this older version?

    didn't try it with btb 0.7 but assuming it would probably give the same type of error.
  10. I Hope this helps you guys as it has helped me, I found this over at NG
    An excellent way of getting ge data into btb.
    In 3D Route Builder you can also smooth elevations in selectable gradiant steps and buy distance. Just brilliant for smoothing the incorrect height data from ge (no more 20 ft spikes in the track!).
    I have edited this post to make it easier to follow.

    Read it carefully

    Next, you want, open Google Earth, choose your stage and save the track kml.

    Now, go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/elevation and in choose a file section, take your KMl stage file.

    The next step is, choose the save format, (I choose GPX) and now click in Convert & Add Elelevation. save and rename file to (trackname.gpx)

    It's done! Now you need Install (If you haven't got, 3D Route Builder and click in File - Open Route and there, choose your GPX file.

    Now, you will see a elevation data with a altimeter line and lot of numbers colums and data under of it.

    You need press Ctrl + A for select in blue all the colums and then go to Route - Altitude - Update from Geo Tool and now, the software start to update percent by percent the altitude of GPX file to get, better and "accurate" elevation data.

    (added by me) Further down same menu goto smoothing and play with settings for 'point averaging'. you can zoom in close to track to check smoothing amount.

    When it finish, click in File tollbar and choose the Export option and save it in GPX file and then, export again but in KML file!

    Now, It easy, open Piddy's BTB and import the route like open ended and All samples imoprting options................

    Should solve any problems you are having now with ge data.
    plus takes so much work out of it!
    I just did the Wilson's Promontory main rd in to the national park using this method and comparing to the other way (30+kms) it's a hell of a lot more acurate....:)

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  11. just tryed this method, and i agree it alot smoother to drive around,has shown in my little video of catalina,and it looks almost like a hillclimb than the other i produced of the same track, thanks for sharing legends