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problems with clean install of RBR

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Magnus Svensson, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I try to install with all settings for Win 7 64bit.

    i have Nvidia gtx 570 and intel 960.

    install and patched but i can't acess controlcenter to change my G25.
    the game is sooo slow from start screen.

    any tip anyone ?

    ps i have 2 orginal copys of the game
  2. Nobody has a idea ????
  3. I really dont sorry, im using vista 64 and a gtx570 and it went in ok with no problems.... people have prob matching desktop/ game resolutions (in your ini folder) but that has never resulted in a slow game and no control centre.. so sorry I am no help
  4. The game is slow already from start meny and whatever i try to start from there.
    Yes i did follow the procedure about win7/vista.

    the only thing i did not try yet is to change the ini file.
  5. If your base RBR when launched from the desktop icon is running very slow, then you have a problem prior to RSRBR installation, or something has been corrupted by the RSRBR Install. Did you test run RBR before installing RSRBR?
    Launching from the default RBR Icon only launches the base RBR, it is totally independent of RSRBR.
    I'd recommend re-installing everything over again, including the base RBR.

    But before you do, can you post your Richard Burns Rally.ini contents here. Also, please let us know more about your PC specs eg. Monitor resolution in Windows.
  6. clean install without patches. the game is so incredible slow at start

    ConstantForceMultiplier = -60
    Depth = 32
    ForceFeedback = true
    Fullscreen = true
    MinDepthBits = 24
    MinStencilBits = 8
    ParticleQuality = high
    RenderQuality = high
    RunIntro = true
    RunStartup = false
    Sound = true
    UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true
    UseEAX = false
    UseSoftwareAudio = false
    UseTripleScreenBuffers = false
    WaitRetrace = true
    XRes = 800
    YRes = 600
  7. Windows 7 home premium 64bits
    Nvidia GTX 570 ( 1920x1080)
    8GB DDR3 Ram
    Logitech G25

    what else do you need ?
  8. With a system like that the game should fly. I'll assume your CPU is high spec as well, similar to the other specs.
    It is certainly very strange if the base RBR is slow.
    You should install the official RBR patches to test the base game (Your G25 won't work without the patch ver 1.02).
    I'd also suggest changing your RBR.ini settings for video resolution to:

    XRes = 1920
    YRes = 1080

    If it still runs slow after that, there is something wrong or something running that is interfering ie. AV ?
    There is no point in installing RSRBR until you have the base RBR running well.
    Maybe someone else can offer help.
  9. Is it just RBR that has this problem; do other games run fine?
  10. Intel Core i7 950 3.07 Mhz

    change Xres and Yres and patch 1.01 , 1.02

    same problem :(

    All othe games runs fine and all settings to maximum in grafic
  11. When you say slow, do you mean framerate or loading times?
  12. framerate

    and no acess to controll center
  13. Forget about control center for now.


    UseTripleScreenBuffers = true
    Fullscreen = false
    ShowFPS = true

    in the ini file to test.

    A word on Patch 1.02:
    Nothing will work without this patch (1.01 never needed). Don't ever try without it.

    You should also check the settings related to v-sync in your graphics card control panel.
  14. try that and no change
  15. So what's the FPS value shown at the top edge of the screen ?
  16. hmm around 10-13 FPS
  17. I give up and have uninstall the game again :(
  18. Finally the game is running and i found out why thx to a guy in Pcars forum.

    Many thx to Pyrhanaa for solved the problem and i give it a thought that maybe is the same problem with RBR.

    the problem is the Saitek keyboard and after disable that the game is fast and smooth.

    Now i can update all mods and updates and start driving and i'm very happy for that :)