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problems reacticating

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Nigel Atkins, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. ok for some reason my game wanted to be reactivated, the only things that have changed was i adjusted my CCC AA settings & added a 2nd HD i checked to make sure the drive letters were still ok and other games on same partition work ok.

    but when i put my paycode in i get this error :confused:

    nkpro error.jpg
  2. that usually happens when you use letters not allowed..
  3. what do you mean?

    i already had the game running fine & just tried reactivating my existing profile which is Nigel Atkins.

  4. I guess he was referring to the strange stuff in the driver GUID field.
  5. i didn`t type that :)
  6. Huh, weird.

    You put the ID there, not your name? As in Senad_Subasic_1071385351, not Senad Subasic?
  7. i can`t change what it says in the driver GUID box :(

  8. I would try removing your license and drivers folders, maybe that'll reset it. Move them to another folder, or rename.
  9. nice 1 Senad, it let me make new profile but i`ve run out of activations again looooooooooooooooooooooool

    i hope i can get some more as i only got a new set a few days ago
  10. LOL. Well, you can always paste the folders back, and try to figure out what's wrong with the GUID field there.

    That reminds me, backing up my nkpro license and driver folders to Dropbox :D
  11. i think something must corrupt and i dout i have the knoledge to find it lol

    its np i can wait a few days for more activations as i`m hoping to signup for the RDRC S2 today (if where not to late), just waiting for my team m8 so we can pick a car :D
  12. Oh, nice :good:
    It's never too late, take your time. Round 3 started today though, so if you decide by Tuesday night, you'll be able to drive in it.

    And that reminds me that I should try and practice a bit :D
  13. cool thats nice to know & i have noticed people signing up today.