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Problems making the terrain drivable - Evo

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ebrich, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. ebrich


    Since my BTB Pro demo waved goodbye I'm back with dear EVO and besides loosing tracks ( the xml file goes walk-about while I'm working on the track) several times and I can't save them, the next annoying thing is that I am unable to get the terrain textures, I made, to be driven on. Either the cars fall right through or sink up to the axle once they leave the road.I select all properties in materials. The lasso terrain select doesnt select either but at least I can select single select and shift.I really have not been able to get passed the basics!
  2. BTB EVO? surley you mean BTB DEVO? heh

    well, sounds like your having all sorts of problems. Im not really sure whats going on but will give you some suggestions

    The terrain might not be set to drivable,.. either click on the terrain in list and goto properties and make sure u have drivable on.. or goto materials panel (in terrain ) and lasso all the terrain close to your road. then split into new area, then apply your drivable properties on that.

    ive noticed the lasso tool (selecting polys in terrain/materials panel) will not work in top view (odd i know), so do it in 3d view.. angle the camera looking down, go to wireframe view (key-w) then select that way.

    have you tried looking at piddys introductory video tutorials?
    if not here they are


    best of luck :D
  3. Save versions of your tracks and make backups. You can also look for missing venues in btb's temporary files. Rename these strange names there to 'venue.bin' and move to your project's folder.
    About sinking - I never saw EVO, but maybe also it needs physical properties. Click [​IMG] , find the material you want to edit and add some surface from rF (roada, grvl, grass - whatever it's there). I believe your polygons are not that huge - to drive on them your car should always stay at least on two polygons - in other case it will fall into space.
  4. ebrich


    Thanks for your help. The polygons are certainly not to small.I have even enlarged the road to be road and terrain - had the center as tarmac and the rest as grass, gravel and one of my surfaces. Thought that would solve it. Mais NON. The car drove as normal on the tarmac, -on BTB grass & gravel it started sticking (like driving on a gravel runoff ) and on my surface it sunk. I wonder if the problem is not really a problem. having been using BTBpro with rbr one gets use to driving on all surfaces - as in rallying. This is EVO built for tarmac racing. Therefore if Iwant to drive on multi surfaces I will have to buy BTB PRO. But still its an interesting problem and will carry on to see if I can change the surface of the material. Perhaps in the Xpacks file to do some swapping of images just to have the tarmac look more like gravel. I dont suppose I can do a straight copy of a 'project file' from GTL to copy into RBR by any chance? Far to easy! GRAB_001.jpg
  5. IF you use the exact same xpacks as in BTBpro then ist no wonder.
    Go to XPacker/XPacks and create a folder with the same name like the xpack you have to change.
    The open the xpack with winrar and extract the content to teh folder you created before.
    Doubleklick on "BTBXPacker" in your BTB maindirectory.
    Go to "File" and "open XPack folder" choose your xpack an open it.
    Under "Materials" change "rFactor Material Name" to grvl, roada or grass.

    The rfactor Material names are the same as in GTR2/Evo. But not all work in GTR2/Evo.
  6. ebrich


    Many thanks sabine. Have just taken a gravel dds, started a new xpack in xpacker, renamed it and made sure the rFactor Mat Name was roada and it takes the texture of gravel and rides like tarmac Thats what I was after. Will now try the same with the grass textures I'm using. I never quite understood why there was, in EVO, still so much to do with rFactor and RBR.Now I know.