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Problems after exporting

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Steve G, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. This is new one for me I have done this a least 20 times,I export the track Im working on into rfactor,when I select it in the tracks rfactor crashes to desktop,I have re started track from the very beginning and a few other things and I have not been able to solve this..any ideas.
  2. How far along the loading of the track do you get? The first thing that loads is the sky file, then the track and finally the cars, so judging by how far the status bar gets you can tell whether the problem lies with one thing or another.

    Have you tried the track with different cars?
    Have you included a different sky file?
    Does it only crash with your track or with others?
    If you create a different track, does it also crash? (try creating a very simple oval with a bit of terrain)
  3. The loading bar gets to halfway before it crashes,yes I tried different cars and I have other tracks that I created and it works fine.It appears that this track has a problem.I even started from scratch still made no difference.
  4. Carrington 2.jpg Just made up a track based on this streets,around a Newcastle suburb so it had very little scenary and it worked fine