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Problem !

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by eddwardb, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Well. Good afternoon all ! I have a problem about this error I got on Racer 0.8.34 CG Version,when I try to open Cars ! And If i go to NON-CG version,it's works brilliant. Please help me,I dont know what to do.. I'm running Windows 7,1gb Ram,512mb Ati Raedon x1050 Series..Thank you ![​IMG]
  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yep...ATI...that's the problem...
  3. I'm using an old pc because my laptop need to arrive in 2/3 days..so..can anyone please help me ? :)
  4. Your ATI card is to old and not able to support new CG Racer releases. You need nVidia GTX 550 Ti or higher for good performance of Racer on your PC. Hopefully your new laptop has a decent on-board nVidia GPU (GeForce GTX 460M at least)..
  5. Yep.I got MacBook Pro so :) Thanks for helping me
  6. I just tried running Racer on my laptop and it didn't like it at all :D

    Tis an older laptop, but it ran HL2 ok at the time :)

    Racer would run on ATI and older cards ok, but it'd just mean Ruud had to maintain a massive pile of shaders and authors would have to write a load of shaders that slowly scaled back as graphics abilities reduced.

    That is sensible for commercial games to hit as many target computers as possible, but not for Ruud who has limited time to support older equipment :(

    MacBook Pro should be ok though, pretty good gfx performance I guess.

  7. Well thanks for saying me that !
    But the thing is,racer_noncg works propetly..i think my card doesn't support cg..
    anyway,my macbook need to arrive in 1 day,so i'll play racer on it
    thanks for helping me ! >:D<