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problem working with 2 monitors

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi, can somebody help me please?

    The problem: I found that working with 2 monitors, showing the window tools in one (secondary monitor) and the btb ui in the other one is a good way, but IF THE SECONDARY MONITOR IS SWITCHED OFF (and / or not started into the nvidia panel, so the pc is ready to use only one monitor by default), there is NO WAY to watch any window tool that previously was shown in the secondary monitor!

    Also if I re-switch the secondary monitor on, move the window tool into the first monitor, then switch the secondary monitor off, as well as switch the nvidia secondary monitor off... then close BTB... reopening it nothing to do! Runing any window tools (Objects, S-Objects- Terrain...) stay into the secondary and non active monitor!!!!

    The solution? May I delete an INI or CONFIG or ??? file??
  2. Hi again!
    Nobody is able to give me an answer? I suppose it is a configuration problem of BTB and / or a bug...
  3. You could try deleting the BobsTrackBuilder references in the registry.

    Worst case scenario is probably a re-install.

    Make sure you backup first (just in case).
  4. thanks Eric... but I tried also installing the beta version and nothing is changed... (I deleted the previous version before to perform the beta installation...) Maybe the uninstall does not clear the registry... I'll try it!
  5. Well, I found the values in Registry...

    Changing them (left + top) to the original values (10) everything is right now.

    I see same problem occours using beta version, so I'll post there about this.

    Thanks again Eric!

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