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Problem with World Trophy Canada flv video

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by superiorgr, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. hello guys
    recently i had a problem with World Trophy Canada flv video
    i tried to watch, but i stucks all the time
    many friends of me also said the same, and couldnt see the video
    then i tried to download, as i did for monaco and china race before, the two videos before worked fine (opened via vlc player)
    but with Canada World Trophy flv video, i couldnt see it, after some seconds stucks and go to 0 seconds...
    any solution for this?
    i download it 3 times in 3 different days, but the same thing happens
    if i open it with GOM Player only i can view it...
    any else solution???

    T. Eziroglou
  2. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Try downloading it again from this page.

    Apparently the original links were wrong. I've fixed them now, tested the download myself and it plays fine in GOM Player.

    Thanks for pointing this out, otherwise we may never have noticed.

  3. ty a lot, now i can download.
    yes with gom player works, but if you go to another time or seconds for many times, it crashes or stuck too
    in the future is good to be on another format, instead of flv, like mpeg or avi-divx, is better or more suitable for everyone :)

    Cheers and from me Simon