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Problem with Torque Curves

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by GizmoY, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Ive made a new torque curve for a new car im working on.

    The torque curve reachs a maximum of 265ft-lbs.

    The car was working correctly with the old Curve, i just simply overwrote the old curve with the new curve, now the car does not run....

    The last racer i worked with was around 0.7.5 or something, has something changed in regards to torque curves.

    My Car.ini is as follows...
    I have only adjusted the idle RPM, ive attached the torque curve.

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  2. Hi Gizmo.

    Your torque curve peaks at 1.0, your engine torque peaks at 1.0 - max_torque needs to be what you want your max torque output to be, at the moment you're getting a peak of 1nm, not even enough to keep it idling :)

    That's one helluva torque curve, is that for a V-Tec or something?
  3. Right, ive changed the max_torque to 265 from 1.

    Still, nothing. the car loads but it will not rev. if i change it back to the old Torque curve, it works fine.

    Im guessing is the torque curve at fault, but whats the fault?

    The Curve is for a B16 @ 12psi
  4. Arrgh, I didn't notice before..the curve needs to start at 0 RPM and the RPMs also have decimal points which shouldn't be there (so Racer thinks 9000 RPM is 9.000 RPM). If you open the curve in notepad it should be easy to fix :)
  5. Ah yes! thanks for that, cheers! Working now
  6. Hehe, no worries :)