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Problem with the start/finish point caused by changing its location

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ThreeDays, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hello, everyone,

    When I first created the RFactor track I'm working on, the first node was in the middle of a straight that I thought would be the start/finish. However, I then realised that putting the pit lane there would be difficult, so I set the start/finish line about a kilometre down the road. The problem is that now the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you where the cars are on the track gets confused and doesn't know where to show a car, so it shifts between, for instance, first or twentieth depending on the point of the track where the car is. It also gives some funny readings, like telling me that the car was travelling at 20000 kph down the straight. I may not know much about modelling, but I know that's a hell of a speed for a space shuttle, so it's kind of unrealistic for a WTCC BMW! There's got to be something wrong :laugh2:.

    Any ideas how that could be fixed? I'll attach a drawing of the track so that you can see where the first node was and where the current start/finish line is.


  2. The timing gates can be dragged around the track, Finish is also the start for rFactor. Only Finish, Checkpoint1 and Checkpoint2 are needed by rFactor. Make sure you have them in that order, "FInish Checkpoint1 Checkpoint2".
  3. Dont forget to check in "manually" box in Move-Time-Gates interface otherwise you cannot to move or resize the checkpoints. I also suggest you extend the finish "plate" over the pitlane to avoid lap-count issues during pit in.
  4. Thanks, guys, but I'm afraid I'd already tried that. All the timing gates work perfectly, except for the things I mentioned before. Any more ideas?
  5. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I could be way off the mark, but have you checked your corridors to see if they`ve been messed with for what ever reason?

    Skipping race position like that, to me, indicates a cut track situation.

    But like i said, i could be way off.

    And another silly suggestion. have you moved the start AND finish positions?
  6. Thanks, Festa_PWR, but yes, I have checked the corridors and they're all OK. Besides, when I did the test I ran slowly to make sure I never left the track. The start and finish positions are both in the same place, where the current starting point is.
  7. Hi ThreeDays , I had a similar problem with my start/finish position being about 150 metres after the first track node, after passing the first node the dot on the progress bar would remain stationary untill crossing finish line, it then jumps to the correct position again, this also made the race position No. change erraticaly untill all cars had passed through the "twilight zone". No ammount of changes or adjustment would cure this, so I deleted the BTB generated AIW (backup first) and redone main path, pit path, fast path and corridors with the ISI AIW editor then used notepad to copy/paste grid spots, pit spots etc, from BTB generated AIW, and all is well. Worth a mention that I drove the fast path very slowly concentrating on the racing line and created my best aiw to date. Hope this is some help.
  8. Thanks, ogre! I'll try what you say. :)