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Problem with the new F1 2011 patch

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by angel038, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    I've updated my F1 2011 PC game yesterday.
    Before i update the game works perfectly, now, when i start a race, or a practice, when i'm going to get out from the pit, the game hang and i have to make a ctrl+alt+del to exit the game.
    I've reinstalled all the game without mods and it's the same problem.

    I haven't found a solution to that problem, could you help me.

    My Computer is a PC with
    Msi G41M-P26 mainboard
    Intel Core 2 E8500 CPU
    4Go DDR3
    Ati Radeon HD 4700 graphic card. Not SLI

    Sorry for my english, i'm french, i try to do my best.

    Another questions, now, with the forum updates, where are the F1 2011 mods?

  2. bonjour, moi, j'avais un problème, j'ai suivi certains conseils, je l'ai désinstallé et réinstallé et tout va bien sauf comme toujours parfois le savegame
  3. Merci pour votre réponse, mais j'ai déjà désinstallé/réinstallé le jeu, même supprimé les fichiers de sauvegarde, et ça fait toujours la même chose, visiblement j'ai trouvé un topic sur le forum officiel de Codemaster, qui relate ce problème de plantage à la sortie des stands, beaucoup de monde est dans le même cas, espérons que Codemaster sorte un fix rapidement
  4. English please
  5. Sorry,
    i saw that Jaquey etienne had a problem and was French so i talk to him in french,.
  6. I have the same problem..... its probably because of the crack....
  7. My game is original, not cracked
  8. I am expiriancing the same "Lag issue" And there is a templorary fix to it .
    Plan A: DIsable SLI for Nvidia and it should work fine.
    PLan B: Disable the Anti-Aliasing (AA ) Should be off and the game will run again smoothly.
    Also Right now i am working on a custom SLI profiles so maybe our team can come with a solution of that bug.
  9. Hello i have a big problem
    I install the patch nr 2 and when i start the game it apears checking storage drivers i press ok
    and it remani stuck isn t loading please help
  10. Yes - Oui mon ami...

    The issues appear to affect SLi and 8x MSAA. Diable SLi and only use 4xMSSA.
  11. I don't use SLI i only have one graphic card, i'm going to see if i'm in 8x MSAA or 4xMSAA, thanx for your post
  12. Well, i tried with the MSAA option, but it doesn't work, also with MSAA disable.
  13. thank for help my dont intresting for my problem ok
  14. I found a fix on the codemasters forum :)
    And yes it works on dualcores aswell cause it worked for me :D
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  15. And works for me to and lots of others in Codemaster forum
  16. Yes it works for me too!!! thanx a lot everyone!
    I hope the mod section will be onlien soon
  17. Its a shame we have to do that again...

    This was the trick to solve quad core problems in the 1st Dirt release in 2007...
  18. If i install the 2nd patch, i wont be able to enter races? Is there a possibility of installig the 2nd patch and not getting any of these issues ?
  19. I don't understand instruction no. 4 "4. do this same with workerMap6Core, workerMap8Core"

    Do I have to rename workerMap6core and workerMap8core to workerMap2core again? I already replaced workerMap2core by following instruction no. 3. If I do instruction no. 4 the end result will be workerMap2core will be replaced by the orig workerMap8core?

    It does not make sense!

  20. You take workermap4core, make 3 copies of it, and rename one copy to workermap2core, rename another to workermap6core, and rename the last workermap8core, then put them all in the system folder.

    That is what I believe he meant.