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Problem with shader 3.0?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by pasanen, May 23, 2009.

  1. Hi, i started to do new SS to RBR and find out this..
    ..Ver. there are no more option to "disable instancing" when export SS.
    How i can do this in new ver.???
    (Í have Radeon Pro X800)
    Pic from BTB Help:

    Here is more my problem:
    i made roads and terrains > all worked fine in RBR
    After adding objects like trees and houses:
    It looks like this:
    Is problem in shaders?? or what?
    I remember i had same kind of problems earlier versions but after "disable instancing" all worked fine..

    Thx, Pasanen
  2. It looks like artefacts. That is a common problem with burned videocards. I hope it's not the case with yours...
  3. Jeeeah! I find solution to this... and by my self LOL!
    (and thank god it NOT burnerd videocard)

    There was only one "mark" missing in my Radeon X800 videocard settings...


    Now all works fine and i can continue SS making:drool:

    Thx, Pasanen
  4. Is "disable instancin" possible to do in ver.
    I think all worked little bit better with it???