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problem with scene files to paint cars

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by toniovodka, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. hi:

    i have a problem with the scene files that comes with the templates pack, every time i want to open one it says "error opening mas file Holden (or) Ford" i followed the "who it works" instructions and put the mas files in the same folder but it wont open, i use a 64bits win7, that could be the problem but i don't think so, and the mas files are fine i can see the cars and drive them ingame
  2. ORSM V8Factor dose not have scene files with the templates. The car Mas files are lock and want open in any 3D program to do rendering. Even as a member I just use the game to view painted cars in their 3D form.

    It looks like you may have the wrong mod. Perhaps you may need the FVRFactor mod forum?

  3. Cheers Doug but we don't have SCN files with ours either.
  4. Oh. Ok Flash. Have no idea what mod has these SCN with it then.:confused:
  5. i downloaded a rar file from the v8factor page at rfactorcentral, there are 2 links 1 to rapidshare and 1 to v8gaming.com/... , its the same page that pointed me to this forum, inside the rar file you can find the templates and a folder that is named "V8SC_Viewer", inside that folder are the scn files and the instructions says that you need to copy the holden, ford, and v8com mas files to make it work, now i know you didnt make the scn files but you might want to delete or change the links to avoid confussions.

    cheers and thanks for the help, awesome mod congratulatons!!
  6. Thank you toniovodka for letting us know. Well doesn't this make me the fool!:redface:

    toniovodka As I've mentioned just use the spinner to view your paints. You can leave rF running when you make a change that needs doing. Just use Ctrl/Esc to drop rF to desktop. Make the change. Save the DDS then go back to rF. Select another car then go back to yours. When your car is reloaded on the spinner it will load the new DDS and the changes made. This is faster then using the viewer anyway.

    Thank you for enjoying our mod and since you've taken the time to register here I'd recommender you take a look around. There are RD leagues that run this mod and others. Their a great bunch of guy's here and always ready to help you out if you have any questions or PC problems.

    Well FlashQld looks like I'm the one with egg on my face. Well I've only been with ORSM for a year and the mod and that link has been there for near four. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.:roflol:
  7. It happens Doug, I was wondering if we had done it accidentally but went the bluff.

    I find a better way to do the cars is make an extra skins folder in the team folder, save a couple of DDS files in there, so when you are checking minor updates you alternate, it loads almost instantaneously. For example if the folder for the car is called DJR17 then make a folder inside that one called DJR17Skins, save the skin you have been working on in there, doesn't matter what its name is. I usually find it best to do two. That way each update you save you overwrite one. Click on the different skin and bang instant change rather than loading the car which loads all the GMT files again and then going back to your car. Hope that makes sense. You can save it as TGA as well for testing. Also check windowed mode in your rFConfig file while you are doing this, this way if you have a few progs open you can just click on your task bar to alternate between your painting prog and rF. Less likely for it to hang as well.