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Problem with multiview

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Robert Bachmayer, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, loving this game currently.
    But I have an annoying problem regarding multiview.
    I run 3 27 inch asus monitors from a gtx680 4gig.
    My side monitors are angled in towards me at pretty close to 45 degrees.
    If i select in the config 6000x1080 (bezel corrected) and multiview, then the in car dash and side mirrors bend out and forwards too far. Its as if i would need to swing my monitors in towards me to probably close to 75 to 90 degrees to straighten up the dash and correct the perspective. Note that his makes the side mirrors accurate in size and shape, just the angles are wrong.
    To fix this in the meantime i have just left multiview unticked which makes the dash straight and side mirrors useable but stretches and warps them, its just not right.
    Anyone have this issue or know of a way to fix it?
    Hotkeys to pull the angle represented on side monitors in towards me???
    Thanks in advance :)

    Edit cam files?
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  2. Need to turn on multiview, mess around with you eye height with respect to the monitor center and off course the side to front monitor angle after you do bezel correction and FOV. You can get this looking good for major parts of the image with a few minutes of set tweeking once you learn the ropes. I have Nvidia 780ti and the same monitors you have.
    I go for trying to make the sides of the track straight looking with my eyes just a little below center of the monitors. Find adjustment of the monitor angle is key as well as eye height.
    I have to manually adjust the monitor angles since there is not sw adjustment of the rendering.

    See http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/gsc-using-triple-monitor-setup-how-does-one-remove-or-minimize-side-monitor-graphics-distortion.83784/#post-1662313
  3. Thanks rickmalm for your reply.
    Track lines etc look fine, its just the angle of rhs mirror etc when in multiview.
    Just tried re angling my side monitors to about 80 degrees, seems like I'm sitting in a box.
    But when i look to my rhs ( left hand drive Porsche) i can see the whole inside of the door etc and points too far out and forward.
    Ill get a pic....
  4. Ok whilst trying to take a pic with my tablet, I've learnt that with multiview on, when i see the distortion, it is because I'm sitting too low.:)
    My eyes are horizontal with appro:)x 1 to 2 inches below center of screen height.
    When i lift my head up to about 2 inches above center screen height things start to look right. Ill return my screens to 45 degrees and drop myscreens 3 inches.
    Thanks rickmalm.
  5. You have got the idea. GSCE would have to know your eye locations, monitor angle and FOV, monitor size etc to be able to render the flat monitor images perfectly. Lots of work on the authors end that would have to be done. So you just tweek and you can get it good enough that your brain can deal with it and not get confused. Try different distances and angles as well as eye height. Be sure your centered on the front monitor. Move around from the center and notice the differences in each monitor. Pick some place on a track that has a number of "straight lines" at different heights on the monitor and decide which one you want to look straight. Would be nice is GSCE had a "setup" image on the OPTIONS page. Think about this, look at the line of the top of your monitor bezel. Extend it left and right, and compare to the top of bottom of your side monitors. These are the max lines that GSCE would have to render the side images to. As you move your head up 7" to be even with the top of the front then the top of the sides are parallel to the front top no matter what the monitor angle might be but the bottoms will be off. So think about what the software would have to do to render the sides with your head at this high point.
    So you get in the middle and set those lines straight that you care about the most.
  6. Just wanting to add something.
    Ive dropped my monitors so my eyes are dead center.
    Screens are 45 deg
    Using multview in for eg a mini or v8''s or mods i need a faily low fov, around 30-32, (any lower i i feel like my eyes are up against the windscreen) which makes things look fairly right. But, will often put the rear view mirror so high i cant see it. Feels like my speed is too slow, not natural. And if i hit up the back of another car it appears like the front of my car is at the firewall/windscreen rater than 1-1.5m out in front.
    To counter this i can increase the fov so i feel like im sitting furtber back which makes spacial awareness better but tends to bring the passenger door back into view which looks like its bent outwards again. Looks wrong and distracting.
    So my fix is to turn off multiview, put up with the stretched over sized passenger side mirror etc, drop my fov babk to the high 30‘s and have a more realistic feel with regards to outer boundaries of car and a more realistic sense of speed.
    I was sitting about 500mm from eyes to screen, with center screen just behind wheel where i could extend a finger and touch it. Ive pushed them away a further 50mm to 600mm total to see if it helped. May have a little.
    Rant done.
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  7. William Wester

    William Wester

    I just installed GSC and the view on my side screens (5812x1080), with multiview, look bent outward - I think similar to what you are describing, none of my other racing games/sims exhibit this problem. How do I adjust FOV (if this is the problem)?
  8. Yep your seeing what my problem is. If I lower the fov it can make things look in proportion but as I said it means I feel like I'm too far forward and my speed is too slow...looks unnatural and wrong. Feels like I am sitting and steering from over the top of my front wheels instead of behind them.
    So I turn multiview off and drop my fov back to high 30s for my experience to feel right.
  9. William Wester

    William Wester

    In my case it was newbe error, I wasn't familiar with the controls but I have my triples working great with or without multiview. I have the FOV set to the same as the angle of my side displays - 35 degrees.