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Problem with license

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jakedrake, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. hi, i've a problem, my license is blocked in demo, but i have already bought the license, is possible unblocked?
    thx and sorry for my bad english
  2. If I'm understanding your question, you might have unplugged or changed ports on USB devises such as Hard Drives. You need to make sure that all the USB devises you had plugged in on the day you created the 'HardwareID.txt' are in there same locations. After doing that reboot the computer & restart BTB again.
  3. THX regnar94, i've only reboot my pc and restart BTB, now it's ok, so a new THX for you
  4. Good tip... But this is utterly ridiculous. No program should make you run thru hoops like this. Absurd.
  5. I don't know why anyone has a problem with USB devices as they are not even included in the hardware check.
    I am constantly plugging and unplugging devices and changed graphics cards and added extra drives without ever any problem.
  6. Its not any USB device, but specifically Hard drives fixed or USB, connected at the time you run the HID.exe. Hard drives connected at the time become part of the signature created in the HardwareID.txt. As long as the device wasn't connected at the time generated the HarewareID.txt it can be removed with no problems. The advice here is when newly installing BTB, disconnect USB All hard drives that you constantly swap out. If you don't, then when you remove that item, BTB will give you a message Trial Period Expired or something to that effect. :)
  7. Hey!

    I added memory for my computer from 4gb to 8gs with two new blocks and now my BTB does not start anymore and it's complaining about the trial period. My license expires on 31/10/10... can i change the license some how, or do i have to unplug the extra memory for the thime that license expires?

    I need to finish Valkeri stage and i NEED more memory...:(

  8. You may not have a lot of choses, have you reinserted the old memory just to eliminate that as the problem?. I would make a backup of the current HardwareID.txt (the number contained in it isn't random, but specific to the hardware that it sees on your system.). I would rerun the HID.exe & submit it to bob@bobstrackbuilder.net, give your computer description, user name & version of BTB Pro or Evo, it might take a few days, but keep checking you License page. Your current HardwareID.txt still will work if you have to resort to putting the old memory back. A few months back I had similar problems, after replacing a USB Hardrive. Next time the License period is up I would go with a shorter license period. The way the HID.exe creates a image of the system, is a bit more extreme that the way windows handles it.:)