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problem with installing mods

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Jonas Lex, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. hey
    Ive purchased rfactor 2 a couple of days ago and have yet to find out how to install mods, some of them dont seem to work for me, some install partly and cant be used and I feel like a complete idiot right now.

    Heres some information which might be useful to know.
    - game is and can only be installed on the D: partition. (Ive read in another forum that this seems to cause the problem but only in one source and without any solution)
    - rfactor launcher is at version 0.632 and build is 90 as you can see so up to date
    - game has been reinstalled in different directories on D: twice
    - mods are in the rFactor2\Packages folder, nothing else is in there and the files have the ending .rfmod
    - as some games seem to cause problems under win7 I tried to run the launcher with admin rights but doesnt help

    I might have missed something so feel free to ask.
    Would be cool if someone knew what I could try to solve this problem because its killing me that I cant really use this great game :sick:



    Heres another screen.
    That message appears when I click query and verify.

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  2. that was quick stefan thx, i'll do that
  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    The verify button doesn't work correctly. Not sure why, but it just doesn't.

    Indeed, as Stefan said, you need to download the mods (content), and install that first. If you have issues, let us know and we will help out.
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  4. ah ok that explains it
    yes as you two said it was caused by the missing mods, everythings working now, thx a lot :)
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  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Hi all, just bought rfactor 2.

    The single player option and others are all grey. I assumed this was because i haven't manually installed mods yet? what confuses me is that in a sub folder, there is a renault clio so thought it would give me the option to run that.

    anyway, to the downloads. ...after installing the main download (e.g. for renault 3.5) do i need to download version 1 and 2 or just 2? also not sure what mirrors are or torrents.

    can anyone help? thanks in advance
  6. Yes, you need to download version 1.1 and 1.2 too. The torrents need you to have a torrent client to be installed. The http mirrors you should be able to download directly.
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  7. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    ok, so i've got it working..just installed renault 3.5 mod...not installed v1 or v2 yet tho..
    on high settings, cars look sharp but track graphics
    not that great.
    couple of further questions:
    1.should other mods will show better graphics?(i.e.v1 and v2)
    2. do i need to download the torrents and mirrors also? i thought torrents were just shortcut versions and haven't a clue what mirrors are

    thanks mate.really appreciate any help
  8. 1. no the grapical engine of the game isn't finished yet. When the game goes gold it should be looking better. Also keep in mind the game is Directx9.
    2. a http mirror should contain the whole file. With a torrent you download the whole file in little pieces till all the little pieces for the whole file. When downloading the file from others, others are downloading from you too.
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  9. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    thanks! i improved graphics a lot by putting HDR on and 1920 x 1080 32 bit resolution.

    the HDR was what made the difference!

    the graphics are now what i expect and it runs really well on max settings.

    my only gripe (being picky) is that i think i need to dull brightness a bit and the edges of things seem almost too sharp i.e. the cars look fantastic, so does the track etc but they seem too "seperated". also, i put on the crowd to move but they don't seem to other than marshals waving flags. not sure what the frame rate is, will check it out when i find out how to.

    the graphics card is probs just "good" but the rest of the machine seems ample so hoping max settings will continue to be fine.

    p.s. the rain looks pish tho when i compare it to xbox f1 2011.they need rain on visor
  10. Ctrl-F is the default setting. The FPS will show up on the top right of your screen.
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  11. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i did this for rfactor (the original game) and the number ranged between 330 to 430ish...generally sitting near 430. i will check rfactor 2 tonight...but 330-430 doesn't sound right does it? even for rfactor 1? i mean, i was expecting 120 maximum. is this normal?
  12. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    You can check it by running FRAPS or some program like that. They present the FPS as well.

    I do not know what kind of computer you are using, but unless you are from NASA or something, I do not think 430 is a realistic FPS number :) I could be wrong offcourse, but I just can't imagine a regular PC getting those numbers.

    Wikipedia says the following about this: