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problem with hotlap times?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Raino Rõõm, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Lap times dont go to the hotlap list.
  2. Because they took it down i think, livetiming is probably causing lag on server is my guess.
  3. Why wouldn't they activate it and just close it a few hours before the race ?
  4. They're useless, so np.
  5. They aren't useless David.
  6. For me, that hotlap list only promotes that, hotlapping, and the "honor" to watch your name in highest positions, nothing more.

    Also you won't see the "top guys" in the public server, so are quite useless imo. And if you want to know laptimes are doing people, it's very easy : ask them on the server.
  7. Should work again.
  8. Thanks Dennis ! :)
  9. Again no hotlap times, is possible to fix it, thanks :)
  10. Does anyone know if it will it be up for Japan onwards?
  11. Yeah, one of the admins had deleted the whole thing accidentally, so once I get some time I will install it again. Probably tomorrow.
  12. Thanks.
  13. It's still timing out for me.
  14. for me as well, and I really want to know what is a good laptime at Interlagos.
  15. Same for me as for Blair.
  16. Well, I installed it again but it doesn't work.
    Maybe Pedro can have a look later.

    A reasonable time on Interlagos is a 1:08 in qual.