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Problem with good start :(

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MZAR11, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hello

    I am bit frustrated :( and I would like to ask you for your help. I started to play Online and I used the great setups which I found on this forum but even though I started from the Pole in the firs turn everybody passed me :(. I don't know why. I improve my starts and and I take care about spinning wheels but in the first turn almost every car pass me. I am playing with ABS and traction help and of course with computer's breaking asisstant. But I don't think it could have big influence on it.

    I would be appreciated for your suggestions :).
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think you already gave the answer yourself. All those driving aids don't help :)

    Also the setup changes you don't feel when you have all that help enabled.

    For a good start you need to rev up to 90% and gradually power up without losing traction.
  3. So you mean that everybody who passes me in the firs turn don't use any asistant help ? So the only remedy for my problem is not to use computer help am I right :)?
  4. yes you are right F1 driving is about driving on the limit with aids on the car can nearly drive it self all you do is put your foot down and steer and the computre calculates everything else so if a car pulls in a little in front you will slow down so as to not crash aids means saftey no aids means you determine when you feel unsafe no the computure and allows you to brake later and get closer to the man infront with out wierd breaking pattens, smooth driving line pays off on longer races with tyer wear on you will beable to go further in a race if you take care of you tyers ,Most of the setups on this forum are for Time Trials if you try a 50% race with these set up betting is the tyers will be shot very quickly.
  5. Thank you very much! Today I am starting to practise with my wheel GT :).
  6. Turn off the braking assistant
  7. Srsly how can you drive properly with the braking assistant ? It's the kind of **** that screw your lap time. Turn it off :) You can keep the traction control if you want but trust me, the braking assistant is useless except for beginners.
  8. I drive with Medium TC and ABS on... everything else is manual or un-assisted, i tried to go with zero assist but until i buy my wheel i will stick with the tc and abs. but anyway, you can compete with those assist online... you'll struggle with the tc at the start but everything else is fine. Again practice a lot so the TC doesn't ruin your lap times, the trick is to have the tc but drive as you don't have it. ;)
  9. ABS is pointless i have been perfecting my driving with TCS off for two days now thats when i finally learned how to do it but i have never drove with ABS it doesnt do anything IMO
  10. Really??? i tried to do it without ABS on Sakhir and couldn't go round the first trun... maybe because it was like my first hour with the game. i'll try to turn off the abs, TC stays though.... i dont feel confortable with the controller...
  11. you dont need to jam the brakes though i did that for the first while but i was given advice if you brake then carry speed through the apex so decide when your turning and left off the brake and when the cars straight just accelerate
  12. you need to practice without aids, at least without braking assist, it is slowing you down a lot and is very badly made, A careful application of power and brake are required, like Anthony Lucas said, dont crank up the brake, dont accelerate too much after a hard corner, it will result in a spin 90% of the time , always use the apex ( with dynamic racing line corner only, you can see the apex, practice with it first make yourself familiar with every circuit, you must know every circuit by heart, then remove the dynamic racing line and practice without it, with a lot of practice, knowledge, agressivity in corners( no over braking, this make you loose a lot of time) and obviously without aids, you should be as fast as anyone else.
  13. Fully agree with this but i was too lazy to explain lol :)
  14. Hi MZAR11, the problem is that you use brake assistant, turn that aid off and see the changes, braking assistant brakes the car before the others racers and then they passes you easily in the first corner.