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problem with default xpack

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Rubinhofan, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I´ve got a problem with the default xpack. I get a gmotor error when using pitlights. GRLT1 texture couldn´t load to material. Very strange. It is the untouched original xpack.
  2. Have you got the files in mas archives? if so are they referenced correctly in the scn file?
    or if they are loose, is their location correctly referenced in the scn file?
  3. I added the lights in btb and then export to rfactor, nothing else. Then I tried creating a new simple track with these lights and it works. :confused: But I don´t want to create a new one.
  4. Ok, I found the problem. The default expack with its lights works. The startlight expack with the 2 Light Startlight works. BUT, they don´t work together. I got the errors when using both of them. how can I fix that ?
  5. I have an idea what the issue might be but I need to have a look at the startlight xpack, where can I find it?
  6. I think I found the problem, it seems as though when you use the extra lights, the export messes up and renames the texture used in the material to grnglow1.dds, rdlt1.dds, grlt1.dds, rdglow1.dds.

    It looks like a BTB limitation issue, a simple work around would be to duplicate the textures and add a 1 to the end of their name (you will have to do this every time you export).

    A proper fix would be to use something like SimEd to change the material.
    Using the replace material function,
    grglow to grltglowa
    rdglow to rdltglowa
    grlt to grlta
    rdlt to rdlta
    Then export the startlight.gmt to your project folder.

    You will also have to do this every time you export, best to save a copy of the startlight.gmt files and just copy them in each time, unless you have moved them.

    There is a more complicated way to do it but it will make exporting easier.
    Once you have replaced the materials, export all your start lights out of SimEd as 3ds then use the xpacker to put them back in your project, You will have to set up all the materials properly in xpacker.
    Then remove the default and extra startlights from the project and add the new ones you just packed.
  7. Thank you mianiak. I´ve never used SimEd before. How can I import the startlight and how can I change the materials ? Is there a way to edit the startlights in 3dsmax ?
  8. Yep, you need the gmt importer script, import the startlights.gmt (btb should export all the startlights as one gmt, if not then import all the startlight.gmt's). Then go to poly submode and select a poly on the light glow's on the extra lights, then select id, then change the material id to the relative one from the default start lights. There are 4 in all, green light and glow, red light and glow. Then you need the gmt converter from isi to export it back to gmt. Or if you want to repack them into an xpack, you can just export them as 3ds.
  9. The gmt importer scripts didn´t work with my max version. I used SimEd, replaced the materials and exported the startligt.gmt and startglow.gmt but the problem was still there.:frown:
  10. If you would like me do it for you, zip up your gmt's that your project exported, no need to include the textures, just the gmt's and attatch them to your post.
    I'll try and make a video of it as I go so you can see what I did.
  11. ok, well there are two gmt-files. Startlight and Startglow. I packed them into the zip.

    Attached Files:

  12. Have you got the other startlight? I thought you had the default one as well as the extra one.
  13. No, I only want to use the 2-Light Startlight + the pitlights, not the the original 5-Light Startlight
  14. ahh ok, no worries, I thought you wanted to merge the default lights with the extra one. Sorry about that, I took you a little bit off course :redface:

    So then, what you need to do is open the startlight and startlightglow gmt's in simed and edit the material to point to the correct textures (grlt, grnglow, rdlt and rdglow) then export them back to your project. But make a copy of them, cause it looks like there is an issue within btb that will re-occour. Give it a go and see if you can get it to work.

    Now I think of it a bit more it makes some kind of sense, the default xpack shares those textures, the extra one your using has duplicates of those textures, so btb is trying to export the same thing and is defaulting to renaming them instead of overwriting them. If you did not use the pit lights, you would not have the problem.

    Just try this for arguments sake, save your project as a new name, delete the pit lights, save, then re-open the project to clear the memory or it will still export the pit lights. Then export it and see if it all works.

    ps i made a mistake in my previous post about the startlight and the startglow gmt's being together, they do need to be separate.
  15. Thanks, I got it to work. I just used the same material names as in the default xpack and add a "1" at the end of each file. Maybe I find a better solution but it wokrs now.