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problem with custom material

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nferraz, May 27, 2009.

  1. I need some help with some terrain problems, I made a couple of materials and placed them in the terrain but when i drive over them the car sinks. The terrain properties are set to driveble and I have created the materia with xpacker exactly the same as other default ground materials but it is still having the same problem. I have no ideia how to fix this
  2. you need to look at the name conventions of the materials.

    make sure they have the word, grass,Road in the materials naming.

    Eg: Grass_custom.DDs Roadcustom.dds,grasscustom.dds......etc
  3. you mean the file name or the material name?. I was thinking maybe it could be because of the xpack material tree structure. By the way I amtesting this on rfactor. Could it be that i need to specify rfactor name in the material properties?
  4. change the material name in conjuction with the tdf file naming convention.
    the material works with the tdf file. to tell rfactor if it driveable or not driveable, and is a hardcoded into the isi engine.

    has long has it got the grass or road in the material name infront of material name,it will be driveable.
  5. I will try that thx m8
  6. works great, thx again, I was leaving that setting blank, never had any problems with materials applied to walls etc so this why I never payed attention to this setting. Now I see it is essential for terrain.